Saturday, August 19, 2017

Netizen's On Shock Because Of Pokwang's Instagram Post! Are Pokwang and Lee O’Brien Having Problems in Their Relationship?

Recently, Pokwang announced that she was pregnant last June. At age 44, she is carrying her American boyfriend, Lee O’Brian’s baby. But, the pregnancy was delicate. She was even put on a bed rest at its early stages. However, fans have been wondering about the status of the couple’s relationship because of the comedienne’s recent Instagram posts.

Pokwang has been affectionately calling the baby in her womb, “Baby Subong” which is also her last name. But the netizen's started to wondered why it is what she decided to call her baby when its father’s surname is O’Brian. Are the two having problems?

On the other hand, Lee also commented on one of Pokwang’s posts. He then asked her why ‘Baby Subong.’ because she used to call the unborn child, ‘Baby O’Brian.’

On her latest post, the comedienne uploaded a picture with the message, “You never understand life until it grows inside of you.” Pokwang was referring to no one in particular, but it was very obvious that she was angry.

Whoever that person, maybe she wished for them to understand her situation.

Meantime, Pokwang is suppose to give birth early next year. As Lee said, if ever their baby turns out to be a boy, they would name him William. They have yet to decide a name if ever it is a girl so it might be named after the comedienne’s mother.

In a recent interview released by ABS-CBN, the American actor was asked if they were getting married soon. Here is what he said:

“First is the birth. I think it pretty much confirms it, but it’s not immediate because first things first. We just want to make sure that the baby is born, born healthy, born well and everything is alright. You know we’ve lost one already.”

Two years ago, Pokwang experienced a miscarriage. There were no further details whether the couple have been having problems in their relationship.

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