Friday, August 18, 2017

Netizen's On Shock Because Of What Jhong Hilario Did To His LVxSupreme Handbag Which Costs More Than Half A Million Peso!

In a practical country, buying something that costs more than a thousand pesos is so much for us. There are those people who still keep the plastic on the items to preserve them longer,  they try to care for it as much as possible.

But for Jhong Hilario, that probably isn’t the case.

The It’s Showtime host and Sample King wasn’t afraid to get this luxurious bag down and dirty. In his Instagram post, with the caption saying: “$10,600. don’t care. LVxSupreme #lvsupreme”, Jhong steps on an expensive bag!

We can all imagine how most of us would feel at something so expensive becomes dirty! But the smirk on Jhong Hilario telling us that he doesn’t care. As said in his caption. The sample king isn’t just fearless in doing stunts but also unconcerned about possibly ruining a bag worth 500k pesos.
Do you know how much all these Supreme items cost? Remember Vice Ganda’s photos where the comedian sported the LVxSupreme handbag and Monogram red sneakers. The handbag costs about $12,000 and on top of that? A $200 shipping fee to get it to the country. Now the red sneakers’s price is about $5,000 with a $45 shipping fee.

With these prices, will you still want Jhong to put his foot on top of them? Some even say that they couldn’t afford the shipping fee let alone the products!

Here are some of the netizen's reaction:

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