Saturday, August 19, 2017

This Man's Apology Letter to His “Exes” Gone Viral! Find Out Why?

A post of a netizen named Melnar Arquillo was now the talk of the town and generating a lot of online reactions on Facebook, he shared a imaginative apology letter for each of his numerous ex-girlfriends. He sincerely asked them for forgiveness. Melnar said that he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend and there was no excuse for what he did. Still, he hopes that his ex'es get a chance to read his post so that they will know that he is really sorry for what he did.

But the message was not the one who caught everyone’s attention. The reason why Melnar’s post became viral was because of who his exes were.

Melnar forgot to say that he was extremely good at photoshop. His photo-editing skills were on point. Each picture even had a witty apology letter as its caption.

People reacted on how witty Melnar’s apology letters were.

For example, his picture with Maine Mendoza a.k.a. “Yaya Dub” wearing a red dress. Melnar, on the other hand, photoshopped himself into the picture wearing a blue shirt. The caption read:

“Maine, I’m very sorry for being an assh*le. Nakalimutan kong red nga pala ang napag-usapan nating i-suot. Next time, pula na talaga isusuot ko, ‘di na assh*le.”

Another one is with the famous singer Selena Gomez with the caption:

“Adele – Hello
Miley – Wrecking Ball
Ariana – Break Free
Selena – telege kung ako’y mejo tenge”

One of his more incredible edits was this picture with Meg Imperial and Kim Domingo! Melnar captioned:

“Kim & Meg, Sorry kung pinagsabay ko kayo. Nakakalito kung alin ba ang dapat na piliin ko – busilak na kalooban? O ganda ng kinabukasan?”

It is truly amazing how this man's decent photo-editing skills can do!

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