Sunday, August 20, 2017


Last week, Arci Munoz was on the hot seat as she terribly the talk of the town as pictures of her from a show started to spread like wildfire online. Netizens noticed a major change in her face. Some people assume that she underwent another plastic surgery operation to lift her nose. Some of her fans accept and understand the fact that it is her body and so she could do anything on it. Still, there are others who criticize her for too much altering her physical appearance.

Arci Munoz, once had a plastic surgery for her nose in the past. But, it’s not for any cosmetic purpose. In 2014, Arci had an accident from a gig she was in. After the incident, she needed a few stitches around her eyes and nose area.

Now, more and more people are questioning her again for her another alleged plastic surgery she did in a different part of her face. Her humid lips have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Most people think that the actress have done another plastic surgery to her lips to make it become more fuller than it is before.

But, in case you thought that the beautiful Arci Munoz we used to adore because of her sexy face is gone already, well think again. She is back!

After getting tons of negative reactions and unimaginable comments from the netizens because of her failed nose lift, the beautiful Arci is finally back. She was spotted with a fresher and more appealing look last Thursday, August 17 after she rocked the social media with a failed nose surgery that made her looked like another person, far from the Arci we used to know. Arci, without make-up, was having a date at Diamond Hotel with Anthony Ng, Erich Gonzales's ex-boyfriend. 

Now what do you think of her new look?

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