Sunday, August 20, 2017

VIRAL: How This Couple Were Brawling Inside A Public Jeepney Will Shocked You!

Netizen's were on shocked because of this facebook post of Alvin Perez Lavisores last Sunday, August 20. In his post we can see a couple who was physically hurting each other in a public jeepney, simultaneously there were also passengers inside it.

As Alvin said, the couple continued to hurt each other even though their co-passenger were asking them to stop. As he said, the incident made a scene, reason why the other passenger bacame irritated and annoyed, moreover the incident cause so much delay for them who are going to work and school. 

This facebook post gone viral and gained 59K likes, 52K comments and 126,696 shares as of this writing. Many netizen's reacted ang gave a negative feedback to the couple. 

Here are some of their facebook comments:

Watch this video below:

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