Saturday, August 26, 2017

VIRAL: How This Husband Beats Up His Wife and Her Lover Who Was Caught In The Act In A Hotel Room!

A husband loosen temper on his unfaithful wife and her lover. To teach them a lesson, he brought a wide and long leather belt which he used on his wife’s naked body. The scandalous video which has been posted on a Facebook page has since gained more than 10 thousand reactions and 73 thousand shares.

Stories of people cheating on their spouses and getting caught has become a social media's major topic as of now. Remember the story of a woman who beat her husband with a wooden chair after catching him cheating? You might not also forgot about the viral story of a couple who were caught doing it on a plane , and the man was actually revealed to have a pregnant fiance back home!

The video begin with the two men who was waiting by a door. Then, as soon as a half-naked man opened the door, all hell broke loose.

The man who was wearing a striped shirt, the husband, grabbed the naked man by the throat. He began to beat the man up while his friends or other relatives help him out. The lover was slapped and punched while the camera shows a figure sleeping on the bed, covered.

After turning on the light, the husband whipped the blanket away from the sleeping figure. The man’s naked wife was exposed. She was then punched hard. The brutality angered some netizens.
The husband then took his belt and began to whip her with it as his companions tried to calm him down and control him.

As the video went on, more and more people came into the hotel room. The video then ended there.
Comments are split on the side of the husband and the wife. Others called the man’s actas inhumane while others said that the woman deserved such a treatment.

Some comments said that they now understand why the woman cheated, seeing how the man acted in the video. But people couldn’t ignore the fact that the husband was angry because of what her wife did to her:

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