Tuesday, August 29, 2017

VIRAL: Joey De Leon Finally Broke His Silence And Fires Back To Vice Ganda's "Where You Belong" Joke About GMA!

Who would able to forgot about the time when Vice Ganda excalim out something on his noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” that sounded too harsh for their rival network. When he obviously joked about GMA Network and how its talents are switching to ABS-CBN? After Michael V spoke out about the issue, there is someone that everyone was looking forward to give a statement to, and it is no other than Joey de Leon.

Even though the other stars of GMA 7 ignored and does'nt give any statement about the issue, Joey de Leon who was known for his straightforwardness did'nt missed it.

Joey de Leon is a host from the rival TV Show of "It's Showtime" which is "Eat Bulaga. We all know that Joey de Leon loves to play jokes about the rival noon time show who's lead host is Vice Ganda. It is natural for us to hear their exchange of bubbly jokes, but now it became more serious as Joey de Leon, answered the alleged issue through his latest twitter post:

Joey stated that they does'nt even care who where they belong, because what was more important is for them to be long, or to be the longest in the industry.

Followed by his another post which he sarcastically stated that life begins at 40, because "EatBulaga" is close in turning 40 years of airing in industry :

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