Sunday, August 27, 2017

VIRAL: “Kapal ng Mukha Mo!” Piolo Pascual Shout at Alex Gonzaga in Public!

Well, we all know Piolo, the heartthrob and lead actor that every women dreamed of. He is totally the catch, with his destructively good looks and tempting charm. Hard rock abs and indeed, Papa P is the stuff legends are made of.

To maintain his body, the Kapamilya Actor loves to play sports and does daily workouts. Even at 40, he doesn’t look a day older than his son.

Meanwhile, here is Alex Gonzaga, the other half of the Gonzaga celebrity sisters. As a host, she captures her audience with her wit and flawless comedic timing. Not just a pretty face, she loves to poke fun of herself and her misadventures in the limelight.

Papa P played a significant role in Alex’s love life. After being heartbroken several times, she still kept her heart open to new love. Enter Mikee Morada.

Mikee, a businessman from Batangas, is a friend of Piolo. Through the actor, Mikee became closer to the young Gonzaga.

But it seemed like Piolo made the biggest mistake of his life?

In a viral youtube video, it showed a clip of Alex saying, “Mikee, siya nagpakilala sa atin,” while the camera panned to a sweaty Piolo.

Mikee was heard in the background, “Ninong ko ‘yan!”
But Piolo, poker-faced, answered with, “Pinakamalaking pagkakamali kong pinakilala ko sa’yo.”

The young actress was deteremined. “Kukunin ka naming ninong.”
To which Piolo replied with: “Kapal ng mukha mo!”

Of course, netizens were surprised, not with Piolo’s statement, but with the fact the couple is getting married! In her previous interview, Alex stated that only time would tell if she’ll end up with Mikee.

In the video, the trio, who are friends in real life, was just kidding around during a sports event. What Piolo said about Alex should not be taken seriously.

Watch this video below:

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