Friday, August 4, 2017

VIRAL: Nadine Lustre Deactivates Her Personal Twitter Account!

Nadine Alexis Lustre (born October 31, 1993) is a Filipino actress and singer. She rose to fame for her lead role in Diary ng Panget and as Georgina Evangelista in the television remake of the Bagets film series.[5] Lustre was a member and vocalist of the all-female group Pop Girls.[5] In 2015, Lustre starred in the television series On the Wings of Love. She won the "Most Beautiful woman" category in 2016 via Starmometer. She is probably one of the most controversial public figures in the showbiz industry to date. She recently bagged the title of FHM’s Sexiest (which caused a lot of criticism launched her way) and indicated that she might be living-in with her boyfriend James Reid (which drew even more criticism).

With all the pressure and public repercussion coming Nadine’s way, she has apparently had sufficient reasons. In a shocking showbiz news, Nadine Lustre just deactivated her personal Twitter account.

Nadine move by the handle “@hellobangsie.” Still, in the recent report of ABS-CBN Push, fans of Nadine Lustre could no longer find her Twitter account page. The source noted that it happened on Friday, August 4, 2017. They didn’t knew the exact time but it was surely a sad and shocking day for Nadine’s fans.

As expected, Nadine’s fans expressed their shock, gratitude, dismay, and even outrage over the actress’ Twitter account deactivation.ABS-CBN News added, that Nadine Lustre’s personal Instagram account was still active as of press time. However, they noticed that she has removed her profile picture.
In addition to the missing profile pic, Nadine renamed her Instagram account to simply “nadine” ditching her full name. The source gathered some netizens’ comments about Nadine’s sudden Twitter account deactivation. Here are some of them:

Of course, in a comparatively conventional society such as the Philippines that is mainly undermine of Catholics, what Nadine Lustre admitted was a huge no-no (at least, for many of the narrow-minded). When Nadine said that she was living with James, it opened up the possibility that they may have been sleeping together as well.

The bashing and criticism that Nadine received from netizens who stuck their noses in her personal business may have been one of the reason's why Nadine suddenly deactivated her Twitter account.

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