Tuesday, August 29, 2017

VIRAL: “Sick And Tired of Hiding Shit. So Here You Go, And F*ck You” This Cheating Wife Was Unveil By Her Husband And Gained Negative Reaction From Netizens

In our society, women are less likely to cheat than men. However, approximate of adultery are hard to initiate, surveys constantly shows that wives tend to be more faithful than husbands. When a wife cheated on her husband, she was more likely to have an emotional affair. Because women are more likely to have an emotional affair, cheating wives tend to cheat with someone who is part of their social group, a friend, a co-worker, someone from school, etc.

A cheating wife is also more likely to consider leaving her husband when she is having an affair. Because female adultery tends to be based on emotional togetherness, women often attach more seriousness to an affair. Just like this one wife who was revealed by her husband through social media.

A Facebook user who got fed up with her wife’s game posted a series of screenshots on his Facebook account. The screenshots showed conversations of his wife and her lover who are obviously having an affair. The message thread implies that something sexual is already happening between the wife and the lover in different motels.

There were times wherein the lover would fetch the wife in the middle of the night to check in at a cheap motel. As per the conversation, the wife no longer loves her husband and ready to leave him to go with her lover. She also wished to get pregnant with her lover. 

Because the husband got sick and tired of his wife’s secret relationship, he decided to reveal her cheating games by posting the screenshots of the message thread. Aside from the messages, there are also photos of his wife and her lover together included on the post.

This post already reached 10K reactions, over 7 thousand shares, and 550 comments as of now.

Here are some of the netizen's reaction: 

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