Saturday, August 5, 2017

“Watch my mouth? No, you watch your mouth” President Duterte Lose Patience Towards Senator Grace Poe's Statement

Last Thursday, August 3. Senator Grace Poe told President Duterte to keep it “SPG” or “Strong Parental Guidance” which is a rating classification Poe introduced while she was the chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). This was after the president used colorful language about his precursor, former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. Aquino had broadside about the contemporaneous administration’s controversial implementation in the anti-drug war.
On Friday, August 4 while visiting the Joint Special Operations Task Force Trident in Barangay Kilala, Marawi City; President Duterte take a speech where he directly inscribed Senator Grace Poe and told her to shut her mouth.  He said that the lawmaker has the modest idea what she is talking about or where the President is coming from.
Here’s an portion of what the President declaim:
“At sabihin pa ni Grace na ‘watch your mouth.’ You take care of your… You take care of your mouth, and I will take care of mine because my mouth is not for your mouth. Tahimik ka lang diyan kasi hindi mo naintindihan from where of I stand,”
Technically Senator Poe did not tell the President to “watch his mouth”.
The statement that Senator Grace Poe was pertaining to was when President Duterte called the former president Noynoy Aquino “Gunggong” after the latter said that Duterte’s war on drugs has not produce positive results to date.
Here’s what the President had to say:
“Pero tinanong siya about the drug operation at ang sinabi niya, ‘wala namang nangyari, mag-iisang taon na,'” he said. “Alam mo ang retort ko sa kanya, I answered back, ‘Napakagunggong mo naman.'”
“You know, in the number of killed, I have lost sa aking pulis, almost a total of 81 drug-related, ‘yung 17 dito,”
The commander in chief found Aquino’s statement, “parang wala yatang nangyari” slander because countless soldiers and policemen have payed the ultimate price due to the bloodshed on illegal drugs.

The President continued:
“So tapos i-belittle mo na walang nangyari? Masakit naman ‘yan,” he said. “Eh ang rami kong sundalong namatay. Wounded sa pulis 231, drug-related — 77 dito, Marawi 36.”
“Itong Marawi nag-umpisa ito sa drug operation. Now, when you say ‘walang nangyari,’ nakaka-insulto ‘yan. And I am very sensitive sa ganitong issue kasi marami na ang pulis pati sundalo ko namatay,”
“So if you are careless, magsabi ka, ‘walang nangyari,’ talagang mag-init ang bunganga ko. Kaya huwag ninyong, sabi ko basta-basta na lang magsalita because you don’t know the real score,”

President Duterte further condemn Aquino’s administration for their track record against drugs. He state that his administration has grab P18.52 billion worth of illegal drugs in his initial year while the Aquino administration only netted P4 billion for his 6 year term.
Duterte continued, concerning Aquino:
“‘Yung collection ko sa shabu, sa one year, I got about… Ang kanyang sa — the entire 6 years niya — ah one year, they only — they’re able to get P4 billion. Sa one year ko, nung matatapos na ako, nung one year na ako, I confiscated or seized P18.52 billion,”
“Kaya naiinsulto ako. Marami akong namatay pero marami rin akong nakuha but at the cost of the lives of my soldiers and police. Kaya ang sagot ko medyo balabag. Sabi ko, ‘Napakagunggong mo naman,'”
President Duterte said that the former President Aquino could be more productive by counseling the public to stay observant, as against to condemn the current administration’s attempt against illegal drugs.

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