Saturday, September 30, 2017

Meet JC Arcinue, Nadine Lustre’s Alleged Boyfriend Before James Reid!

The young Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre’s alleged boyfriend prior to her current relationship with James Reid is JC Arcinue.

In an entire life of a person, surely there will be that someone who comes before or after the other.

They came, they tend to either stay longer or shorter than expected but what is really important is that they always leave certain lesson that only them can teach to you.

And truly, this is applicable in real life just like in the life of the young Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre who is considered to also be one of the most sought-after of her generation.

As everyone is very well aware of, the actress is currently in a relationship with James Reid, her reel to the real partner.

James and Nadine just started out as a break-out love team right after their stint in the film adaptation of a Wattpad hit story Diary ng Panget.

Right then, their career, may it be individually or as a love tandem, has risen to its peak of success until now.

And their fans and supporters went wild upon knowing that their relationship does not just end on the screens as they took it for real.

Well, Nadine is probably not that hard to love. Aside from the fact that she is beautiful, she also has a sweet soul and a genuine heart.

A video has been obtained from the YouTube channel Interest Corner to where it featured the boyfriend of Nadine Lustre before getting in a relationship with James Reid.

His name is JC Arcinue.

Accordingly, she started going out with JC when she was starting as an artist under Viva.

But then there was an Instagram comment from JC saying that they never really got together and that he is happy for Nadine for they look good together.

Watch the full video below:

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