Wednesday, September 6, 2017

MUST SEE: A 16y/o Minor Became A Husband to His 71 y/o Bride and He Locked Her Up Because of Jealousy!

Majority of people say that age doesn’t make a difference with regards to Loving someone else. In spite of the fact that looked downward on by dominant part of society, a few people still urge people to have an association with somebody way more older or more younger than them. However, imagine a scenario in which the couple comprises of a minor and a senior citizen. Would individuals still permit it?

This is the thing that occurred in the strange relationship of a 16-year-old kid and a 71-year-old lady. The vast majority who knew them, especially their families, did not bolster their arrangement to get married. Nonetheless, they both debilitated their families that they would execute themselves in the event that they don’t get their endorsement. The odd couple wound up noticeably popular online at that point and are once more making waves online for another interesting reason. Things being what they are, the high school kid is envious that his significant other would be taken away by another person. Consequently, he secured her up their home.

At to start with, the recently marry couple were sinking into their wedded life. Be that as it may, 16-year-old Selamet felt desirous towards other men. Consistently, he expected that his elderly spouse Rohaya, who has been hitched twice previously, will keep running off with an alternate person.

According to a story published by Elite Readers, Selamet is so clingy towards his wife that he often skips going to the mosque every Friday to make sure that Rohaya stays at home with him. This poses a problem for the young boy since all Muslim men are required to attend the sacred gathering.

“I have reminded him to diligently pray. I told him to remember the village leader’s words. If it is Friday, then he must go to the mosque to fulfill his Friday prayers. He even invited me to go with him.”

Unfortunately, women are not allowed during this event which is why Rohaya must stay home.

Aside from locking her up, Selamet has also been going around telling people that he plans to have kids with his 71-year-old wife.

“I want my daughter to be named Putri Permata Sari and my son to be named Andre Maulana.” He said:
Despite of being happy for having each other, some people keep on giving them negative reaction like this:

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