Tuesday, September 19, 2017

MUST SEE: Anne Curtis Was Shookt When Asked By Vice Ganda If He Will Be A Good Father To Anne's Child!

How would you feel if a gay friend showed interest on you? Knowing that he’s out and he gives you propositions on the national TV. And Anne Curtis saw herself in that situation.

In the noon time show, “It’s Showtime” on their Q & A portion, where gay candidates are challenged to answer profoundly with questions, Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis are currently hosting the show and interviewing another candidate named Anastacia.

They asked about being bisexuals, and Anne asked Vice if he sees himself to be a bisexual, and Vice instantly replied, “No”. Anne followed up, “Kahit anong mangyari?” (whatever may happen?) and insists on Vice to answer then he replied with finality, “Kahit anong mangyari” (whatever happens).

Until Vice Ganda was suspicious and asked, “Naguguwapuhan ka sa akin?” (Do you find me handsome?), teasing Anne, and on here things become tensed and awkward, while the audience are laughing.

Vice Ganda addressed Erwan, Anne’s fiancĂ©, “Erwan, yes you are Anne’s Erwan, but maybe I’m Anne’s the one!” This earned applause and laughter from the audience and Anne tries to stop Vice Ganda because she seems uncomfortable with the situation. She exclaims “Sissies tayo for life!”

Here’s another exchange:

Vice Ganda: Gusto mo ba ako magkaanak?
Anne Curtis: Yes!
Vice Ganda: Feeling mo magiging mabuti akong ama?
Anne Curtis: Yes! 
Vice Ganda: Feeling mo magiging mabuti akong ama ng anak mo? (Anne was speechless and the crowd was howling with laughter.)

Vice Ganda also added that if Anne loves his mother, she can make Vice’s mother happier. Even the candidate Anastacia shares her opinion that it will be easier to love and be with Vice since she already loves him and if ever they will become lovers their combination is a good hit because it will be called “AnneGanda”. And Vice confirmed that they had more days shared together than she with her fiancĂ©.

Anne insists on changing the topic but Vice Ganda is so good that he can still make Anne feel awkward and feeling off guard with the situation. But she is certain about their friendship but feels awkward to act and respond to Vice’s actions.

And Vice Ganda was again successful on bringing laughter to the audience and on its viewers. Watch this video below.

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