Saturday, September 30, 2017

MUST SEE: Arzaylea Rodriguez Denies Initiating Conversation With Manny Pacquiao During IG Live!

United States-based Instagram sensation Arzaylea Rodriguez contradicted the statement of Senator Manny Pacquiao that she initiated their chat during her Instagram live.

According to a previous report, the controversial comment the Filipino boxing champ who eventually turned a public servant, specifically, a senator, have gained various reactions and speculations from the people of the social media community.

This is after he dropped a controversial comment during the Instagram live stream of the US-based Instagram sensation Arzaylea Rodriguez.

Arzaylea Rodriguez is accordingly the previous girlfriend of Luke Hemmings, the frontman of the international band 5 Seconds Of Summer but have broken apart and decided to end it on May of the present year.

And as the comment of the athlete went viral, there were people who have given him the “benefit of the doubt” for there is a possibility that someone else, like the handler of his social media account, had mistakenly dropped the comment.

The comment told, “Where are you from?”

But on a follow-up report, the boxer and the senator at the same time admitted that it was actually him and clarified everything.

His statement said, “Ako ‘yan. Actually pag-open ko ng Instagram nakita ko live so pinindot ko. Nakita niya Manny Pacquiao joined live so nag-hello siya. Tapos tinanong niya ako ‘Are you in the Philippines?’ Kaya sabi ko ‘Where are you from?’ Lahat naman pwedeng makipagusap sa amin wala namang malisya doon.”

However, in the Twitter account of the ABS-CBN News containing the report over this statement, Arzaylea Rodriguez herself denied it and left a comment which told, “He came into my instagram live very unexpectedly . i definitely didn’t engage in conversation with him first…”

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