Wednesday, September 27, 2017

MUST SEE: Bill Gates Acknowledge Using Android Phone Replacing His Windows Phone!

Window’s co-founder Bill Gates admitted that he was now using an Android phone as a replacement to his Windows phone.

Nowadays, Android phone has been the most popular and most utilized mobile gadgets not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all over the world due to its wide range of features.

Over the previous years, Windows Phone becomes obsolete after Microsoft decided to scrap its phone division about two years ago.

Recently, the 61-year-old Microsoft co-founder admitted that he had already switched from Windows phone to Android, but did not specify the exact of the phone model he owns.

However, Bill Gates revealed that he is now using an Android phone with a lot of Microsoft software. The claims of the technology innovator are feasible considering that Windows 10 works on most phones, despite support from developers outside of Microsoft.

There are some speculations that the 61-year-old tech genius was owning a special Samsung Galaxy S8 with bundled software with applications such as Cortana, Office, Outlook, and OneDrive.

Gates also admitted that the late Apple founder Steve Jobs was a genius, but he remains uninterested on switching to an iPhone.

“Steve was a genius. Absolutely amazing. The competition in the software and IT space that Steve helped foster, it’s phenomenal,” said by Gates quoted by Inquirer.

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