Monday, September 4, 2017

MUST SEE: Claudine Barretto Was Bashed Online Because Of Her New Figure!

Neighborhood performing artist Claudine Barretto as of late documented a dissension against the netizen who cyberbullied her girl, Quia. In a video of infant Quia which the performing artist transferred, a netizen named Peggy Enriquez assaulted the physical appearance of the tyke saying that the baby resembled a “batang lansangan” – or a road kid.

Claudine even took to online networking to discover the lady who bashed her little girl. She even stated:

To my Palanggas & Claudinians i just saw this message today from this heartless person named Peggy Enriquez BASHING MY DAUGHTER, if anyone knows this stupid person please let me know where i can contact her, mess with my kids you messed with me! ANO BANG GINAWA NG ANAK KONG 2Years old na si Quia sayo PEGGY ENRIQUEZ?”

“ if you have a problem with my child please be brave enough to say this to my face. WALANG GINAGAWA SAYO SI QUIA. 2YEARS OLD I BABASH MO??”

Obviously, Claudine was furious when she found out about this and decided to file a legal complaint against the cyberbully in order to teach her and other online bashers a lesson. On Wednesday, the actress made things official when she went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Cybercrime Division. She even brought baby Quia along. The local media was also present during her visit to the NBI.

However, people noticed something about the actress when they saw photos of her filing a complaint at the NBI. Understandably, most netizens showed sympathy with the celebrity mom as they knew that no parent would want their child to get hurt. Meanwhile, other netizens shifted their attention from two-year-old Quia, who was the subject of the news, to Claudine herself.

According to netizens, the star noticeably gained a lot of weight since she last appeared in front of the camera. Ironically, Claudine, who filed a cyberbullying case against a netizen, is now the one being roasted online.

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