Monday, September 25, 2017

MUST SEE: DNA Results Of Ramram Who is Lost For 7 Years Finally Revealed!

The DNA results of Ramram, the missing kid for 7 years that resembles a Maute child warrior shows that Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar was his real mother.

Previously, the photos of the Maute child warriors are making rounds online after it was uploaded by the ISIS-inspired terrorist group who attacked Marawi City.

A citizen named Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar was claiming that his son Ramram resembles one of the Maute child warriors who was fighting with the terrorist group against the government forces in Marawi City.

Jabar explained that her son has been kidnapped from their apartment in Tondo, Manila seven years ago when he was only three years old, while she was tending customers on their store in Divisoria.

Ramram was allegedly kidnapped by a helper of Jabar on their home named Ula Arada, according to Rowhanisa who assumed that the Maute child warrior handling assault rifles was her son.

Eventually, the Rowhanisa finally meet Ramram claiming that he is her long-lost son. However, the boy seems to be emotionless and doesn’t have an idea on what is happening, while her mother was emotionally hugging him.

Recently, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo” has featured Ramram a revealing that his DNA result proves that Rowhanisa is his biological mother.

Unfortunately, “KMJS” was not yet able to upload their September 24 episode, but we will upload it as soon as possible after it was released.

Watch this video below for more details:

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