Wednesday, September 27, 2017

MUST SEE: How Ai-Ai Delas Alas Daughter Slams Bashers Over “Uninvited” Kris Aquino Issue!

The daughter of Ai-Ai delas Alas slamming basher over the “uninvited” issue involving Kris Aquino crosses the social media platform.

According to a previous report, Ai-Ai delas Alas and Kris Aquino are known celebrities to be the closest but due to some personal issues, their friendship fell apart.

Eventually, it has been mended but the warmth of the relationship is not the same as the old ones before.

And now that the Kapuso comedienne is just counting down the months to finally tie the knot with the guy she longed to have and to love, speculations surfaced that Kris Aquino is not invited to witness her much-anticipated wedding.

The actress actually said, “Importante sa akin ang araw na yun, kaya sana huwag nang intrigahin. Sana isaalang-alang at igalang nila ang feelings ko. Mas pipiliin ko na huwag sagutin ang mga intriguing question dahil kahit ano pa ang isagot ko, siguradong may sasabihin ang haters at bashers. Sabi nga, ‘There’s always peace in silence. A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.’”

And with this, her daughter, slammed the bashers of the issue.

In the Instagram account of the Kapuso comedienne, is where a post has been obtained from.

The post contains a screengrabbed photo as to how her daughter clapped back to the people who criticized her about the issue.

Her daughter indicated, “All the comments about me here are funny HAHAHA. oo pwede ako mag taray in english or tagalog kasi pakealamera kayo ng buhay eh. Kayo Ikakasal? Eh di invite nyo si Kris Aquino sa kasal nyo. WAG DIN AKO MGA, “BES” IM SHOOKT.”

And Ai-Ai has entailed it with a written caption that said, “Good morning .. eto ang post ng aking anak sa facebook nya .. first of all ,thank you anak sa pag tatanggol saken .. as always parate naman .. i love you baby girl .. @sophdelasalas This is the most important part of my life wag nyo na po sanang haluaan ng negative … hindi ko sasagutin to anything about her kasi kahit maganda isagot ko wala din naman kayong maganda i co comment #basher and #haters …..A MEANINGFUL SILENCE IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN A MEANINGLESS WORDS” GOD BLESS EVERYONE”

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