Friday, September 15, 2017


We have seen how Kathryn Bernardo grew up from being  mainstay “Going Bulilit” star up to she graduated from the said kiddie show and now doing leading roles in hit teleseryes along with her loveteam Daniel Padilla. Recently, photos of Kathryn went viral as she reveals her new look, a look that is more mature, to the public. Here are the photos.

If you’re an avid fan of KathNiel, you would really notice that Kathryn Bernardo has levelled up her image from being an eye candy to a total stunner. In her recent post on Instagram, the “La Luna Sangre” star stunned her followers for cutting her hair just a bit below her shoulders and dying it to darkest black.

Wayback, the “Teen Queen” embraced the same look for quite a long time wherein her hair was done wavy and almost tried all shades of brown. As for her wardrobe, Kathryn before was dressed according to what a “Teen Queen” should look like — dressed in bright wholesome outfits complete with very cute accessories.

Compared to how she looked months or years ago, now, Kathryn tried to go with the flow of other leading actress few years older than her. As mentioned, she dyed her hair black and made it straight to help her to look more mature and her wardrobe transformed from bright and colorful into monochromatic with a dash of a bit of colors for contrast.

Before revealing this look, Kathryn first shocked her fans few weeks ago for rocking a very short haircut where it got viral and resulted to memes comparing her look to Jake Zyrus.

With her new look, are we now going to expect Kathryn Bernardo to accept much more daring roles? Let’s all be patient. Hopefully, the “Teen Queen” will reach that in the right time

Watch this video of her:

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