Monday, September 4, 2017

“Sa sahig ko lang naman po binato.” Nadine Threw Her Phone After Getting Mad at James! Find Out Why!

Not all days are great days, particularly for Nadine Lustre. Indeed, yes, as of late, she has been Proclaimed as the Sexiest Woman in the Philippines for 2017 by FHM. From that point forward, she confronted distinctive issues like increasing more bashers who think Nadine doesn’t merit the sexiest lady spot. Another issue that circled online was the “live-in” issue with James Reid. Talk has it that James and Nadine are currently living in together which welcomed more feedback from the netizens.

The Multimedia Princess posted: “I mean if that was true so what? Di ba? I am not gonna confirm and I am not gonna deny but then like ano naman?”

Even before the announcement of the sexiest woman, the actress-host was put in controversy after she was reportedly seen throwing her phone out of anger at James. Nadine confirmed the issue and clarified that no one was hurt by the incident as she threw it directly to the floor.

“Yun naman po yung super galit talaga. Hindi naman po yung mababaw lang na selos,” the actress explained. For her, it is normal for a relationship to have certain miscommunication. She said she and James value their relationship by not doing the things that might upset each other.

James and Nadine are into a new project. They recently went to Japan and witnessed the falling of Cherry Blossoms while shooting a scene.

“It was a dream come true po talaga,” Nadine Lustre stated.

Here are some of the netizens reactions:

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