Wednesday, September 20, 2017

SPOTTED: An Unidentified Nurse Unbelievably Doing This To A Baby Gone Viral Online!

A yet unidentified alleged nurse has been caught on CCTV doing this to a baby and what happened next is unbelievable.

Nurses are the primary persons of whom people usually run to in times of emergency which needs immediate medical attention.

However, this particular alleged nurse caught on CCTV is not acting as if he is not the person whom people are running after to in terms of care of other people, most especially babies.

Recently, a video has taken over the social media community and sent shivers down the spine of the netizens because of what happened to the baby under the care of a certain nurse.

The video was taken on the Facebook page named Joel Boyboy. The video depicts a woman in a what seemed like a pink or red scrub suit uniform. She went to the baby and was pushing and pulling it away but the other woman saw what she did. The other nurse was probably stopping her from doing it knowing that babies are much sensitive. She stopped and was in the act of pushing the baby to the other nurse but unexpectedly, the baby tumbled down when the crib fell.

People of the social media community was in deep thought whether the medical assistant did it intentionally or it just so happened after a mere accident.

Here are some of the comments obtained:

"Sinadya o hindi bsta ang totoo npaka careless nya nu akala nya sa bata wala buhay n basta nlng ibabalibag mainit ata ulo nya dinamay pa un bata kagigil eh!"

"Hindi nya siguro sinadya yung pagkakahulog pero, sinadya nyang itulak sa pagkatamad nya parang ipapa gulong nya sana papunta sa isa pang nurse. Shit!! D ko kinaya!!!"

As of this writing, the post has already gathered thousands of reactions, comments, and shares.

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