Tuesday, September 12, 2017

VIRAL: Dingdong Dantes New "KALBO" Look Will Shock You! Find Out Why!

After its successful first season, Dingdong Dantes is back on the primetime block as he reprises the character of Pepe de Jesus in "Alyas Robin Hood".

In its new season, his character will evolve from being a former vigilante known as Robin Hood to a full-fledged lawyer that mostly takes pro bono cases to help the poor and oppressed.

In an interview with Dantes during the grand press launch of the series on Wednesday, August 9, he said that it's good to be back and to star again the series.

He said they've doubled their efforts to create something entertaining and of quality for the viewers.

"Kapag sinabi mong season two, whatever you saw last season kailangan mag double up in terms of drama, the action, sa comedy, total look, production value, double lahat. Malaking blessing sa amin na mabigyan kami ng second season kaya dodoblehin namin yung saya na maaaring i-expect nila," Dantes aid.

So netizens assumed that this is the reason why Dingdong Dantes recently has his hair cut.

Dingdong recently posted this photo on his Instagram Story.

We all know DingDong for having long hair while portraying the role of "Pepe" in Alyas Robinhood," but in his recent haircut, viewers of the show wondered what will happen next.

Meanwhile, lets look back at some of his photo.

Watch this video below:

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