Saturday, September 9, 2017

VIRAL: Heart Evangelista Was Bashed Online For Wearing a Cleavage-Exposing Top in South Korea!

Heart Evangelista is known for being to a great degree elegant so it doesn’t come as an unexpected that netizens bash her over what she is wearing, regardless of the sort of outfit and nature.

Take this case was accounted for by Abante. As per them, Heart was seen wearing an off-bear blue best in South Korea. Nothing uncommon, isn’t that so?

But that her cleavage could be seen. To such an extent that netizens who saw the specific Instagram post have remarked contrarily. What were they discussing?

The majority of them remarked that Heart Evangelista shouldn’t wear such a best since individuals in South Korea are supposedly traditionalist. They even said that what she was wearing is illicit, in a manner of speaking.

According to USA Today, tourists who visit Korea are required to pack conservative clothes. They specifically mentioned that people shouldn’t wear outfits that expose their cleavage and legs (that means no mini skirts).

In fact, they said: “Any skirt you wear should fall at least to the knee and be loose enough to allow you to sit on the floor comfortably, since you may need to do so while dining.”

However, Korean people have been known to wear short skirts and shorts in public nowadays so perhaps the dress code might be more lenient. ATK Magazine, meanwhile, reiterated that showing cleavage might get you some negative looks, especially from the elders.

The report on Abante claims that Heart Evangelista was seen in Myeongdong, South Korea. She was in the middle of the bustling street, with the caption that said she was shopping.

That’s not all – one netizen also took notice that Heart Evangelista seemingly repeats her clothes, based on her Instagram posts.

The artist-actress defended herself and said that those were “late posts” that she had uploaded. She probably meant that what she uploaded on her account was not in real time.

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