Tuesday, September 26, 2017

VIRAL: House Committee Approves And Support Medical Marijuana Bill In Philippines!

The House Committee has already approved the use of marijuana in the Philippines, but only allowed for medicinal purposes.

Cannabis or popularly known as Marijuana is a psychoactive drug intended for medical or recreational use. This is a type of herb or weeds that have the ability to cure certain types of diseases.

However, some people were abusing this weeds and using it as drugs through smoking or vaporizing its extract. It has mental and physical effects that change the mood and appetite of the user.

In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has launched an anti-illegal drug campaign prohibiting the usage of all forms of illegal drugs including marijuana.

However, the war on drugs launched by the Duterte administration has been linked to the Extrajudicial Killings (EJK), which takes thousands of lives in the country wherein most of them are suspected drug personalities.

On Tuesday (September 26, 2017), the House Committee has already approved the controversial Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, which allows qualified patients to use medical cannabis.

The bill was approved after the extensive consultations with patients, health care practitioners, medical experts, and advocacy groups. The use of cannabis was only allowed for medicinal purposes alone.

The Department of Health (DOH) will issue an identification card for the qualified medical patients after they are certified by their attending physicians who confirmed that their medical condition requires the medical use of cannabis.

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