Saturday, September 30, 2017

VIRAL: How Sharon Cuneta Responds To Bashers And Supporters Over Star Magic Ball Invitation Issue!

The Megastar Sharon Cuneta responded to her bashers and supporters with regards to the Star Magic Ball invitation issue.

Star Magic is celebrating their 25th anniversary today and in line with this, a prestigious ball which is held annually will take place.

This much-anticipated social gathering of the artists will absolutely and is expected to take their pool of artists to be together in a single event.

Talents under the said talent center will attend and also previous talents such as Kristine Hermosa, Heart Evangelista, and Claudine Barretto is expected to be present at the event.

It will be held at a hotel ballroom on September 30 and will be broadcasted live in the following: Lifestyle TV, with live patches on ANC, live streaming on Metro YouTube and (mirror feed with Lifestyle-HD), and catch-up programming on TV2, KBO, IWanTV, Sky Free View, SVOD (program feed-HD), and other partners such as, NoInk, API, Lifestyle Hub and

With regards to this, an issue recently surfaced involving the Megastar Sharon Cuneta to where according to her post on her social media account, specifically, the Instagram, she did receive an invitation to attend the event.

According to a previous report, she expressed that she got a “bit hurt” and “quite insulted” but then, after all, she said it was just a ball and they are a “Kapamilya”.

And on another report, she has been an invite but it was already a day before the ball and she stated that she has “nothing spectacular to wear and there obviously isn’t any more time.”

Furthermore added, “I also had my assistant relay to Winnie yesterday when she asked for our address (no one in ABS knows my address?) that it was okay and unnecessary kasi nga wala nang oras. It’s really alright, my “kapamilya”, though you didn’t have to send it na at the last minute. Have fun at your Ball, everyone. God Bless.”

Because of this, she had her share of bashers and supporters over the issue.

Read the comments from the netizens and the response of Sharon below:

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