Friday, September 15, 2017

VIRAL: "Huling Iyak Ni Dyoga Girl" Kaysee Gregorio “Dyoga Girl ” Was Emotional on Her Latest Video! Find Out Why!

Kaysee Gregorio, one of the Facebook sensations who made herself known because of her musically videos, and videos of her dancing, singing and overtly emphasizing her chest.

Currently, she is here in the Philippines for a vacation. She uploaded this morning of her videos crying while playing the broken-hearted songs, “You made me stronger” and “Paalam na aking mahal”. Netizens and her followers showed their concerns asking her what happened and what is the reason why she was crying.

Hours later, she commented on her post, “Joke lng to! Hahaha nag reready lng po ako para sa pagbukas ng pbb :’) :’)”. Yet some are still in disbelief because there might really be a reason why she posted the video because she captioned it, “Huling iyak ni Dyoga”.

But some netizens commented that she still looks beautiful despite her sadness, and some commented their words of comfort for Kaysee.

Hours later, she shared another video about her visiting her boyfriend, and this video was uploaded last July 1, and she captioned it, “not worth it” so this really doesn’t sound a good love story for her. And the latest caption of this shared video is something to reflect and ponder on.

 “Ganon tlaga khit anong gwin mong sacrifices sa mga tao.. hindi k nila ma appreciate sadyang may mga lalaking hindi marunong makuntento. Hindi ko nilalahat pero may mga lalaking ganon. Kaya hindi nyo kami masisisi na natatakot na kaming mag mahal 😊 Girls lagi nyong tandaan to ‘know your worth’ mahalin nyo ang sarili nyo para hindi kayo magaya saken. Wag kayo mag pa Katanga. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.”

 Watch this video below:

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