Wednesday, September 27, 2017

VIRAL: Kathryn Bernardo Was Bashed By Some Netizens Accusing Her of Copying Nadine Lustre’s Fashion Styles!

Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre are two of the most well known female VIPs in Philippine showbiz today. Every has made a name for herself in showbiz.

Under the spotlight, it is inescapable for famous people to be the subject of babble and rumors. Indeed, even Kathryn and Nadine were not saved from this certainty.

It’s significant that Kathryn was the first to enter showbiz industry. Consequently, when Nadine Lustre entered the entertainment biz, many individuals saw her uncanny similarity to Kathryn Bernardo. Around then, Kathryn was at that point a settled young star with various film movies and high-rated teleseryes.

When Nadine got her big break on “Ang Diary ng Panget,” even more fans noticed her resemblance to Kathryn. Some of their side-by-side photos even went viral on social media and many netizens dubbed them “twins.”
As time go by and Nadine gradually yet without a doubt rose to superstardom and the well comparison between her and Kathryn gradually took a wrong turn. These days, these two superstars have immense fanbases that are steadfast – nearly to a blame. Indeed, their supporters are out and out over the top.

Netizens have started contrasting Kathryn’s style with Nadine, with some notwithstanding going so far as saying that Kathryn Bernardo is replicating Nadine Lustre’s sense of style. Rumors are flowing that Kathryn is gradually appropriating Nadine’s style as her own.

Organikong timpladang ligtas na pampaputi ng balat
Why are people saying that Kathryn is copying Nadine if Kathryn was already a star before Nadine made it big? Check out their photos below and judge for yourself.

As of late, Kathryn Bernardo was bashed online after a video was uploaded that professedly demonstrates her impersonating Nadine Lustre’s fashion styles. Look at the video beneath which demonstrates a comparison of the two stars.

Watch this video below:

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