Friday, September 15, 2017

VIRAL: Liza Soberano Starts Shooting The DARNA Scenes!

Few months ago, the netizens were very ecstatic after news broke that the Darna role was endorsed to Liza Soberano since original Darna star Angel Locsin won’t be able to do the role because of spine injury.

Now, the new Darna, Liza Soberano, was spotted in a rooftop of a building in Manila shooting for the much anticipated movie adaptation. Watch the following video.

A netizen uploaded photos of a shoot taking place in World Trade Exchange building in Binondo, Manila. The said shoot seemed a photoshoot or taping of the movie adaptation of the famous Filipino heroine Darna.

Based on the viral photos, the presumed Darna outfit to be worn by Liza Soberano seemed did not push through because as seen the photos the lady or most probably Liza Soberano spotted in the rooftop was wearing a two-piece outfit.

Of course, many netizens were shocked seeing that the costume was not redesigned to fit Liza Soberano’s wholesome image. However, same with us, they also felt that the Darna movie is the right time for Liza to step up her image and do daring and fierce role such as Darna. Well, she can still maintain her wholesome image considering Marian Rivera who still maintained her image despite doing the role and posing for male magazines.

Furthermore, some netizens shifted from being Liza’s basher to her fan after seeing the leaked behind the scenes photos. Because although the photos are blurred since it was captured from afar, it can be noticed that the young actress did work hard to achieve a heroine body and adding more to her points is her height.

By looking closely to the photos, we are quite not sure if Liza would flaunt her flesh during the movie because it seemed that she’s wearing a body stocking from her torso down to her legs. Well, this question will be answered once the movie has been released.

Watch this video below:

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