Friday, September 22, 2017

VIRAL: Luis Manzano Challenges A Basher Who Says Something Bad About His Father!

Multi-awarded Kapamilya host Luis Manzano challenges a basher who says something about his father Edu Manzano.

Indeed, being a celebrity would also mean that it seems like all the eyes and the attention of people is directed at you and you have to get used to it because it is one of the factors and what it takes to be a public figure.

And Luis Manzano, being one among the prominent in the industry is not an exception.

He admitted that he might be receiving bashes and the sorts of it but his father Edu Manzano have told him to “don’t take shit from anyone.

That was according to a news report from the Philippine Entertainment Portal (Pep).

The talented host shared that if he will just stay quiet over the bashings about him, people will get used to it.

“Pero ang sa akin is, pag tahimik ka lang, sanay yung mga tao. Pag kunwari ba may nakikita kang abuso na nangyayari sa government, tatahimik ka lang ba dahil, ‘Hindi, normal naman ‘yan nowadays’? Hindi! Di ba? Kung nanahimik naman ako, wala akong inaagrabyado, titirahin mo ako, e, di mas yayariin kita!” He said.

And what pisses him off the most is when the bashings reach the point of insulting his family.

The host even narrated that there was one basher who said that her father Edu Manzano is a gay.

“Yung sabi niya na, ‘Ah, kayo ng daddy mo, ano kayo, bakla kayong dalawa! Ganyan-ganyan. Grabe kayo! Hahaha! Bakla kayo!’ Ni-research ko, pagtingin ko, ang pina-follow niyang account, power bottom! Sabi ko, ‘Parang gago ang put*ng inang ‘to!’ Tsaka hinahamon ko yun ng suntukan! Sabi ko, ‘Tara!’”

He just clarified that they could have a fist fight and broke each other’s face just as long as no cases must be filed.

“Ganun ang boys, e, di ba? Pag natalo mo ako, by all means, respeto ko pa rin sa ‘yo ‘yan. Pag natalo kita, respeto ko sa ‘yo yun. E, wala, hindi naman nagpakita,” Luis said.

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