Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Viral: “Sumakay yung girlfriend ko ng maayus, hindi para manyakin mo!" A Netizens Shows Anger To A Taxi Driver!

When will these maniacs ever learn? In the world where everything is digital and all your actions can be recorded and share on social media, why would you think that you can get away from doing something stupid like harassing someone?

There are plenty of people nowadays who prefer to use the services of Grab and Uber because of the convenience and the safety it offers. This story is just one of those stories about taxi drivers who give taxi drivers a bad name.

his is the case of this taxi driver who was caught touching his passenger inappropriately.
According to Ars Poongee (it’s unclear if that’s his real name) his girlfriend rode the taxi properly. Yet you can definitely tell from the pictures that the taxi driver has other intentions aside from giving a taxi ride.

Here’s the taxi driver in question:

You’ll see what he did soon enough.

A netizen by the name of Ars Poongee (it’s not clear if that’s his real name) went to Facebook to share the story of his girlfriend’s taxi ride that allegedly took a turn to gropesville. On his post, Ars said that his girlfriend rode the taxi properly. Based on the pictures, it looks like the driver had something more than a taxi ride in mind.

The netizens are generally not happy with what they just saw. There were some who are asking Ars if they have the name and/or the plate number of the taxi driver. There were also plenty of netizens who are warning their love ones against this type of people.

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