Friday, September 15, 2017

Viral: Paul Salas Caught Kissing Another Guy! Click Here To Watch!

From his recent Twitter war with Daniel Padilla, Paul Salas was again the talk of the social media networks. It is to be recalled, that Daniel Padilla’s team and Paul Salas has this Tweeter war a few months back about playing basketball that it even involved fans and participated also by Daniel’s love team, Kathryn Bernardo and Paul’s special someone, Barbie Imperial.

So, Youtube channel Showbiz Paparazzi uploaded a video online wherein Paul Salas was allegedly caught kissing a man. It has been rumored before that alleged Paul Salas has this influence and charisma with the third gender, so how are we going to deny it? So where does Barbie Imperial will come in the picture since they are being sweet with each other in their social media posts? Was she just a front to hide his true identity?

In the video, Paul Salas was holding the guy’s face with both hands, and he kissed him on the corner of his lips. We cannot deny that there’s no hesitation on the side of Paul while doing this act, likewise there is no one who forces him to do it. He looks comfortable on the presence of this guy friend and even all smiles in front of the camera.

This video now earned him another herd of insults and bashers for his identity and for his act. Now, Paul Salas’ identity and preference are now in the hot seat. But who are we to tell? But evidences on videos and photos are saying it all to make the audience speculate and doubt him.

Watch this video below:

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