Wednesday, September 27, 2017

VIRAL: Vice Ganda Strikes Again! She Was Bashed By Netizens After Her Comment About the Breastfeeding Moms!

If you somehow managed to name one controversial individual you’ve seen on TV, it would be the entertainer, Vice Ganda. While some of his announcements are regularly amusing in their crude genuineness and ruthless truth, there are additionally times that his jokes are hostile and reckless, offensive and tormenting.

As one of the “It’s Showtime” host, Vice has made many adversaries when he drops apparently pure jokes, yet bound with malevolence. Keep in mind how veteran writer Tony Calvento endeavored to close down the show after Vice in a roundabout way offended him? Or, on the other hand how he ridiculed another TV station slogan, and how said station couldn’t keep its talent from transffering?

All things considered, well, well, the entertainer is in thehot seat again after another comment. Yet, this time, it’s tied in with breastfeeding in public.

Amid a scene of “It’s Showtime” wherein he has a short “Qiqil ako” portion, the entertainer have raved about moms who nurture their youngsters without covering their breasts.

It kicked off the well established inquiry: by what means should the moms breastfeed their kids? By covering their appearances and boobs while their children suckle? Is it despicable or disturbing to see an infant hooked onto its mom’s breast?

While a few will agree with Vice’s joke, more viewers called for understanding about the increasing importance of accepting breastfeeding in public as the new normal.
Let’s keep abreast of this issue, if Vice will eventually issue an apology for this offensive joke.

Of course, his statement drew flak from netizens for its callousness and apparent shaming of breastfeeding mothers.

“Inulan ng batikos” is a more apt description of reactions from the viewers. In the Philippines, one of the country’s advocacies is breastfeeding babies as much as possible.

Most of the netizens are frustrated with the comedian’s apparent ignorance about nursing a child since he’s a male. That, or his blatant mansplaining about breastfeeding. Some called his statement prejudiced and sexist, as the shame from nursing in public is deeply rooted in society sexualizing the female breasts.

Here are some of the netizens reaction:

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