Thursday, September 14, 2017

Watch: Alice Dixson Breaks Her Silence About the Allegedly “Taong Ahas” in a Mall!

Urban legends are great discussion points among us Pinoys. Regardless of whether it is about Indians utilizing babies as an element for making bread or a celeb being compelled to wed a rich businessperson’s man-slice wind, urban legends stimulate our creative ability.

Alice Dixson has turned out to be well known for her going about as well as turning into the subject of a urban legend which even includes multi-extremely rich person John Gokongwei and a “taong ahas.”

As per the urban legend, Alice Dixson was shopping in Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas when somebody became hopelessly enamored with her at first sight.

She was then hijacked and was made a request to wed this “taong-ahas” who has been living in the guts of the shopping center for a considerable length of time. It is said that this “taong-ahas” is the indistinguishable twin of Gokongwei.

Dixson was said to be secured in the cell. Since it would decimate the notoriety of Gokongwei and the shopping center, the urban legend said that Gokongwei paid Dixson to stay quiet.

Presently, Dixson shed some light on the legend that has been appended to her name for quite a long time.

In Regine Velasquez’s show called Sarap Diva, Dixson was gotten some information about the urban legend.
Her answer? No, it’s not true.

“Supposedly, pero ‘di ‘yan totoo!” she said.

Watch the full episode of Sarap Buhay with Dixson as the guest.

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