Saturday, September 30, 2017

Woman Died After Her Vehicle Falls From 5th Floor Of Building In Manila

A woman in the driver’s seat died after her vehicle falls from the fifth floor down to the ground floor of a building in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

On Friday evening (September 29, 2017), a black colored car falls from the parking area of the fifth floor of a building in Sta. Cruz Manila around 11:30 pm. The vehicle almost crashed after it fell from the walkway of the building.

Tyrone Cruz, one of the bystanders said that he was only walking in the walkway together with his colleague when they suddenly heard a loud sound similar to sounds coming from a construction site.

Cruz said that they saw the vehicle fell on the roof of a fast food restaurant at the ground floor of the building before it falls in the walkway. A huge space was left behind the barred parking area, which was passed by the vehicle before it falls.

The vehicle contains a woman sitting on the driver’s seat, so the witnesses assumed that the woman was the driver of the car. The rescuers opened the infiltrated door using snipper and hydraulic tools to pull the woman out of the car.

The female driver was immediately rushed to the hospital, wherein she was declared dead on arrival. The authorities are now investigating the incident and how the accident happened.

There was no staff or personnel of the building give a statement regarding the incident.

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