Saturday, October 7, 2017

Netizens Admires Joey de Leon’s Public Apology Over His Statement About Depression!

The netizens were admiring the Filipino TV host Joey de Leon’s public apology over his distasteful remarks on depression.

Previously, the “Eat Bulaga” host Joey de Leon dismissed as “just made up” an elderly woman suffering from depression. The statement of the comedian garnered negative reactions from the social media users.

The actress and TV host Maine Mendoza even corrected Joey de Leon on his colorful remarks about depression, but he stood on his grounds instead of correcting himself and admitting his mistake.

The mental health organization “Youth for Mental Health Coalition (Y4MH)” said that the comedian could make up by consulting health advocates to learn more about the mental condition because apology alone is not enough.

On Friday (October 06, 2017), the 70-year-old comedian made a public apology and also to his co-host Maine Mendoza over his remarks about depression, which took thousands of lives every year.

De Leon’s apology garnered positive feedbacks from the netizens and some famous personalities.

Here are some of the comments:

Cindy Kournikiva: “Sometimes we say something we didn’t mean to. Let us not judge Mr. Joey De Leon that easy & remember all his good deeds. #ALDUBBigHearts”

Mond Virtusio: “Yesterday, I wanted to hug Maine Mendoza for her bravery. Today, I wanted to hug Joey De Leon for his humility. He seemed really troubled.”

Maine’s P.A.: “Mistakes were admitted, faults were addressed. Let’s now spare Joey de Leon from online bullying. Let’s spare him from causes of depression.”

Hash: “Responsibility comes Humility…. Proud fan here @AngPoetNyo”

Ma Ria: “Very sincere si sir joey @AngPoetNyo sana naman naintundihan ng mga basher ang sinabi nya.”

Harper: “Good to know he apologized and admitted his mistake. Si sen.sotto hopeless eh.”

Ajun juan: “That makes him a bigger person than he is already is, humility to accepts one’s fault is a sign of wisdom which is not given to everyone.”

Raul M. Eugenio: “Thumbs up kay Joey, nagkamali, nag-apologize, at humingi ng pang-unawa. Pero si Tito, masyadong mayabang!”

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