Wednesday, October 4, 2017

VIRAL: Plastic Surgeon Revealed Something About Xander Ford, Arci Muñoz Transformation!

A plastic surgeon revealed something about the controversies surrounding the transformation of Xander Ford and Arci Muñoz.

The successful result of Xander Ford’s cosmetic surgery has shocked the public with his new look, while the sexy actress Arci Muñoz garnered criticism from bashers after undergoing a nose enhancement.

The transformation of the two celebrities becomes some of the most discussed and most controversial topics nationwide.

Recently, a plastic surgeon has explained the pros and cons of having a cosmetic surgery to improve the physical appearance.

Dr. James Joaquino, plastic and reconstruction specialist at Centuria Medical in Makati City was claiming that he operated two out of three Filipina beauty title holder.

The plastic surgeon explained that Filipino celebrities and aspiring beauty queens need some cosmetic surgical treatments such as nose enhancements so they can compete internationally.

“Pano naman makakalaban ang mga Pinoy sa mga Latina na ang gaganda sa picture kasi antatangos ng ilong at ang gaganda ng hubog ng katawan? Who does not want to be enhanced if it’s applicable?” said by Dr. Joaquino quoted by Philstar.

Usually, most of the fans cannot easily point out the stars who went under a plastic surgery. The surgeon revealed that every clinic has top-secret passages for popular celebrities, so the public count not seen them going to the doctor.

Joaquino also revealed that the transformation of Marlou Arizala to Xander Ford was a surgical treatment that makes him more confident and competitive. While the transformation of Arci Muñoz was a different case for him.

He also gave some pointers before undergoing a cosmetic surgery such as:

  • It must be safe
  • Don’t expect that result would be similar to your celebrity peg
  • Ask for second or third opinion
  • The plastic surgery should be coherent with the rest of the body parts
  • The surgery must be easily reversible

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