Friday, February 16, 2018


After announcing the upcoming TV comeback of LizQuen love team via fantaserye “Bagani,” netizens compared the said series to one of the most successful fantaseryes in Philippine TV, “Encantadia.” Is “Bagani” a copycat of “Encantadia?”

According to the teaser unveiled during the ABS-CBN “Just Love” trade launch, “Bagani” is a folklore about the Philippines and its culture. However, it seems that the said series will also feature the elements theme just like “Encantadia.”

Netizens tagged the upcoming series as a rip-off of “Encantadia,” “Amaya,” and “Indio.”

Netizens are not the only ones who are affected by the controversial show Bagani starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. When ABS-CBN unveiled its upcoming fantaserye titled Bagani, it triggered a discussion among netizens who compared the LizQuen show to the GMA-7 epic telefantasya Encantadia.

Meanwhile, “Encantadia” head writer reacted on the upcoming Kapamilya teleserye. A Twitter user @sadboydotcom tagged her on a photo of the show’s cast with a caption, “Eto yung ‘classmate pakopya, ng assignment. Sige basta medyo ibahin mo para di halata.”

Suzetter replied to @sadboydotcom, “Hahahhaha funny ka. May binago naman sila ah. Yung naka violet. Di sa enca ginaya. Pang circus ang costume. Hahahaha.”

However, she immediately said it was a joke on her next tweet.

Aside from “Encantadia,” Suzette is known for her hit series, “My Husband’s Lover,” “Amaya,” “Carmela,” “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real,” “The Richman’s Daughter,” “Indio,” and “My Faithful Husband.”

The Headwriter for ABS-CBN Star Creatives Mark Duane Angos (Got to Believe, Forevermore, Dolce Amore) responded by bringing up a past controversy involving Suzette. Star Creatives is the business unit handling Bagani, which revolves around superheroes with super powers.

Mark posted on his Twitter account:

"You should get out of this ‘originality discourse’ especially if you’re the one who copied CW’s Arrow. My friendly advice, focus on stories you’re writing. I’m sure there’s a lot of B-actors from Game of Thrones who can cameo on your next show."

It will be recalled that Suzette served as the concept developer and creative consultant for Alyas Robin Hood, which has been accused of copying the Hollywood series Arrow.

Mark then branded Suzette as a "nuisance" when he wrote on his Twitter account:

"She’s a nuisance in our small community of writers, tolerated in the spirit of ‘paggalang sa nakakatanda.’ Friends from GMA also believe in a diverse & dynamic TV landscape- supporting & learning from each other. Network war is an illusion propagated by those stuck in the past."

The Kapuso consultant agreed with Mark when she wrote in her Twitter account:

"Tama siya. In our small community of writers, ako nga yung nuisance, yes. im the crazy one, a nutcase. I do not conform. My soaps, at least some of it, can attest to that. Baliw din gaya ko. Ako nga lang nakakaintindi sa iba kong gawa. Hahaha."

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