Monday, February 19, 2018

Caught on Cam! Bela Padilla at Carlo Aquino Totohanan Na Ang Feelings Sa Isa't-isa! Angelica Naiyak? Watch Video!

Kaya't heto ang naging reaksyon ng mga netizens.

Here are more photos of Carlo Aquino and Bela Padilla together during Meet Me In St. Gallen Victory.

In the movie Meet Me in St. Gallen, Bela Padilla plays the role of Celeste, a girl who goes by name Katy Perry whenever she hangs out at coffee shops. She then meets a 'rock star' guy named Jesse portrayed by Carlo Aquino.

As seen in their first trailer, they had a one-night stand, parted ways and eventually reunited after a couple of years.

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