Wednesday, February 28, 2018

ROBIN PADILLA Inataki at Itinulak ang Foreigner sa HONGKONG! Alamin kung bakit

In the video, the actor called out everyone to watch the live coverage of the event that will transpire in Hong Kong. After his short invitation, some Filipina fans of the veteran action star immediately asked if they could take a picture with him. Needless to say, the actor fulfilled their wishes one by one. Just when a Filipina fan rushed to Robin’s side for a selfie, a foreign man suddenly popped out on the other side of the action star.

 Eager to have a picture with Robin, the man gestured at the Filipina to move away from Robin’s side. Robin immediately blew a fuse to the foreigner who was disrespecting the woman. He reprimanded the man: “Don’t do that to my countryman, okay?! Don’t do that! Don’t push her!” The man’s apologies were continually heard in the background as the video approached the end.

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