Saturday, February 10, 2018


Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion Mcdonalds Commercial is definitely a hit.

Their reel to real life love story sent the country crying in happiness and then in mourning when their fairy tale love story ended.

Their fans and their families  who personally witnessed their love story were just too affected in seeing them together again. Among them was their only daughter, actress/singer KC Concepcion, and Sharon’s aunt, award-winning actress/singer Helen Gamboa.

They first graced the movies via their smash hit teen love movie “Dear Heart” in 1981. They eventually got together and married in 1984, a wedding ceremony celebrated by an entire nation. However, in 1987, hearts were shattered when they finally separated. The last movie they did was “Tayong Dalawa” in 1992. They were reunited in the small screen 25 years later via the trending McDonald’s commercial.

Here are some of behind the scenes photos.

Fans are all cheering for the former lovers and onscreen partners.

Sharon also shared their story of Gabby Concepcion when they was in boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

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