Friday, March 9, 2018

LOOK! Dani Barretto Matapang Na Nagsalita Tungkol Sa Youngest Sister Niya!

Former actress Marjorie Barretto’s eldest daughter Dani Barretto speaks up regarding her youngest sister who was recently introduced to the public.

Recently, Marjorie Barretto’s posting of photos of a lovely girl on her social media account sparked news reports. The girl was speculated to be the youngest daughter of the former actress based on a report.

What is known to the public is that Marjorie has three daughters and a son only. She has a daughter with actor Kier Legaspi, Dani Barretto, and two daughters and a son with former husband Dennis Padilla. Young actress Julia Barretto and singer Claudia Barretto are Marjorie Barretto’s daughters with the comedian and their son is named Leon.

Julia Barretto also shared on social media a video of her and her youngest sister. They are visibly very close and sweet to each other.

Based on a report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), during the Watsons Love the Sun summer campaign launch in Pasay City, Dani Barretto expressed that there is no “specific reason” why they only shared about their youngest sibling recently.

“Wala naman talagang specific reason. I don’t really want to go into details kasi it’s not my story to tell. There are just some things that we would like to keep private and this is one of them. But now we choose to share it, I hope the people will enjoy it with us kasi we’re very happy that we get to share it now with the public. Hindi rin naman siya napag-usapan. Parang one day we just said, ‘Okay, let’s share her. It’s about time.’ May isip na siya, she’s aware already with how social media works and we just felt like it’s the perfect time,” Dani shared.

Dani admitted it came as no surprise that her sister’s Instagram photos made headlines after they were posted. “We expected it naman na people are going to talk about it. It’s impossible naman na hindi siya pag-usapan but right now we’re just enjoying our family and my baby sister. And we’re so glad that we also got a lot of good feedback from a lot of people and people appreciated the fact that we shared her to the world finally. And the negative comments and the bashers, it’s always going to be there. Hindi naman mawawala yun. It’s part of it but she’s an innocent soul, she’s a kid and whatever we chose to keep it before, yung reason sa amin na lang. Parang respetuhin niyo na lang yun, kung ano yung pinapakita or shini-share namin ngayon sa public sana yun na lang yung i-appreciate ng tao at saka yun na lang yung pansinin nila,” she explained.

Meanwhile, the eldest Barretto sister expressed that they are just enjoying their sister and their family. They are glad of the positive feedback that they received from those who appreciated their move.

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