Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sabina Santiago, Hindi Tanggap Ang Bagong Pag-ibig Ng Ama Niya Na Si Raymart Santiago! Alamin Kung Sino Itong Babae!

 Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago’s daughter, Sabina Santiago, has an intriguing post against her father and his alleged new relationship.

Sabina Santiago is the adopted daughter of former celebrity couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago.
On telling that Sabina is adopted, they definitely had a thorough and careful process so that it won’t hurt the child that they are not her biological parents.

But despite the fact of not being related by blood, by heart, Claudine and Raymart never did make the child feel that she is different for they love her and raise her like she is their flesh.

She wrote this as a caption, “ATTENTION!! @raymartsantiago @aurora_leg YOU GUYS HAPPY NOW?”

In a photo that she shared, the enclosed statement written told, “My dad broke my heart way before any boy had the chance to.”

Netizens have then speculated this has got something to do with her father’s alleged new girlfriend.

According to a previous report, her father’s alleged new girlfriend is AC Legarda, reportedly a cousin of a famous politician Loren Legarda.

Based on the source, she is a senior division manager at a realty corporation.

Moreover, they are in a relationship for a quite some time and was often seen together in the previous year.

Check out some of their photos together:

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