Monday, June 19, 2017

Miraculous Sign in The Sky Has Seen in Marawi! Miracle Sign or Just an Ordinary Clouds?

Indeed that these clouds that form vertical line that looks like a skyscraper in the sky is not an ordinary scenery in the sky for the past decades or shall we say century, there's no like this that seen in sky located near in Marawi where the so called Maute group is hiding. The scenery is really mind blowing that it's look like someone drew it properly using a ruler.  Spotting shapes in clouds is a delightful way to pass a lazy afternoon. There's even a society dedicated to cloud spotting. It’s called the "Cloud Appreciation Society", founded by Gavin Pretor-Pinney to foster understanding and appreciation of clouds, and to fight “blue sky thinking”.

But the pictures of this organization where they spotted the shapes of the clouds and took a picture of it are just like an ordinary clouds that forms in to like an animal's shape and so on, and the one that seen in the sky of Marawi City is by far detailed compare to those pictures who captured by the Cloud Appreciation Society. Nothing could be more depressing, it seems, than to have "a cloud on the horizon". Gavin Pretor-Pinney decided that this has to stop. “Someone needs to stand up for the clouds”, he says. So in 2004, he started the Cloud Appreciation Society and few months later launched a website. People sent in their cloud photograph, which he put up on the gallery pages for others to look at. The early trickle of submission soon swelled to a torrent. Today, it has over 29,000 members worldwide from 83+ different countries, and many thousands of amazing images.

The pictures and the video of the cloud made the netizens amazed that everyone of them (mostly Maranaos) commented "Allahu akbar" and "Masha Allah"  Allahu Akbar (Arabic: الله أكبر) is an Islamic phrase, called Takbir in Arabic, meaning "Allah is Greater" or "Allah is [the] greatest". Allahu Akbar or Allahu Ekber and similar variants may also refer to: Allahu Akbar (anthem), the national anthem of Libya from 1969 to 2011. And Masha Allah (Arabic: ما شاء الله‎‎, mā shāʾa llāhu), also Masha'Allah, is an Arabic phrase that means "God has willed", expresses appreciation, joy, praise, or thankfulness for an event or person that was just mentioned.

Many of them (Maranaos who saw the pictures and video online) took it positively and the scenery symbolizes for new hope to the Maranao who live in Marawi but still there are people who said that the shape was formed because of the shadow of the cloud, it could be but God created the Science to explain the formation of any "things" in this world, and indeed you cannot deny that the cloud formation is no extraordinary that appeared during the holly month of Ramadhan and located near Marawi where Maranaos had to evacuate. We cannot blame them thinking positively seeing the cloud formation. Let's just pray for them and for our country. Amen.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

One of the Passengers Got Suffocated Inside The Very Well Known Airplane Company in the Country, The Reason Why is Disappointing.

One of the passengers of  the very well known airplane company in the Philippines posted how disappointed she was during her flight, the incident happened yesterday Friday June 16, 2017 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. According to Ms. Gin Durano all the passengers experienced very hot atmosphere inside the airplane due to air conditioner failure of the airplane. The airplane was ready to take off and it's already in the runway.

Gin said: Cebu Pacific flight 5J 575 bound for Cebu--
Babies are crying,old people are complaining and there's a woman got suffocated and now she has oxygen on because she can't breathe. We've been here for more than an hour inside the plane.
F***** damn hot! They didn't even do anything until the woman pass out. F***** you Cebu pacific!

As you can see in the video the passengers were all complaining that they can't breath and they even suggested to open the window, one of the passengers got suffocated and had to put an oxygen to be able to breath, there is also a baby that needed to remove his clothes due to the like-sauna temperature that they experienced inside the airplane. You can watch the video below and tell us your opinion regarding this incident.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What Could Be More Embarrassing Than to Have Penis Captivus Experience in Public

This couple had an embarrassing moment in public, what could be more embarrassing than to locked up your penis inside your partner's vagina, this condition is very to human however it is normal to the animals like dog. This condition is called penis captivus.
Penis Captivus:

As the name implies, penis captivus occurs when a man's penis gets "stuck" in a woman's vagina. This is extremely rare in humans (more common in some animals) and usually lasts only a few seconds. But it can happen. It's believed this phenomena may be caused by contractions of a woman's muscles during orgasm. The vagina is lined with muscular ridges and when some women orgasm these contract, which can presumably cause them to clamp down as well.

The website, called, was created by HKS or Hera Women's Health Center, a "boutique type" women's health center in Turkey.
"Vaginismus is not just your problem, but it is a sexual dysfunction that is frequently encountered all around the world. According to the results of a research conducted by CETAD (Sexual Education Treatment and Research Association), vaginismus rate in Turkey is 10%. Thus, one person out of every 10 is unable to experience full intercourse during a sexual relation or experience it with a lot of
pain," the website read.

These are the symptoms of vaginismus, according to HKS:
- being afraid of sexual intercourse with her partner and not being able to try to have intercourse (penetration at all)
- having partial sexual intercourse (only a part of the penis can enter the vagina)
- not being able to insert pads or tampons into the vagina
- not being able to insert a finger into the vagina
- not being able to enter vaginal ultrasound instrument
- wincing and fearing gynecological examinations and not being able to take the gynecologist's examination seat.

Berman, a best-selling author and is considered as one of America's leading experts in female sexual health, noted that vaginismus may be a result of "long-standing genital pain or dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles," or past trauma, where "intercourse becomes associated with painful memories or a fear of losing control."
"Some women experience vaginismus throughout their entire lives -- precluding any successful intercourse -- while others find it emerges after they have had a satisfying sex life. Whatever the case, the pain and distress it causes women and their partners is real," she wrote.

Below is sample when this condition occurs.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Collision of Van and Truck Results 10 Dead and 6 Wounded.

Wednesday morning 5am, June 14, 2017 ; the incident happened in  Tibungco, Davao City, a collision of van and truck, according to netizens and the one who uploaded the video, the accident results 10 dead and 6 wounded. Jadef Cole the one who took the video and uploaded it on Facebook; according to him, he was jogging and saw the incident and took a video on it and eventually post it on his Facebook account.

The video currently making rounds on social media, the uploader is not sure if it happened in Bunawan or Tibungco. The post has 3 videos with more than 2 thousand shares already and a total of 100 reactions and 30 thousand views and still counting. This kind of accident is not new to us and hard to avoid since we are not sure if this kind of situation will happen to us, all we can do is to pray before we go somewhere. You can watch the video below and pray for the souls that has been taken. RIP!
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Netizens Bash Gretchen Barretos' Daughter For Her Fashion Designs!

Gretchen Barreto is known for her high standard of living not only she's reach that she left showbiz to live her life she want it to be, but also she's know for her very "social" lifestyle. Gretchen really loves fashion and most of the super brands fashion company can be seen inside her closet like LV, Gucci, Hermes and etc. Gretchen also loves to travel around the world.

Now that she set aside showbiz she's always free and happy to do whatever she wants to do. Every woman likes to spend her life like the way Gretchen do; stress free, happy and ageless beauty. Gretchen has been Married to Antonio O. Cojuangco Jr. (born 1951, age 60) popularly known as Tony Boy is a Filipino business tycoon and a prominent figure in the Philippine media and communication. He is the former Chairman of The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), the largest telecommunications provider of the Philippines. He is the 5th generation of the Cojuangco clan, a distinguished political family in the Philippines. Antonio is the second cousin of President Benigno Aquino III, and nephew to late-former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino.

Gretchen Barretto is a Filipina actress from the Philippines. She was launched in Regal Films' 14 Going on Steady as a singer-actress, with the release of her debut single "Going Steady", which served as the soundtrack single to her debut film. In the late eighties, Barretto rose to prominence after gaining success in skin flicks produced by Seiko Films like Tukso, Layuan Mo Ako!, Ang Bukas Ay Akin, Ama, Bakit Mo Ako Pinabayaan?, Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin and Bakit Ako Mahihiya?. She has released two studio albums under Star Records. Her debut album, Unexpected, was released in 2008, and her second album Complicated was released a year after. Her two younger sisters, Marjorie and Claudine, and niece Julia are also actresses.Since 2010 she is a contract star of ABS-CBN.

Gretchen and Tony have one and only daughter Dominique Cojuangco who studied fashion in London, the issue was begun firing up when Gretchen uploaded her daughter's signature fashion design on her instagram account.  Gretchen proudly wear her daughter's creation. But as expected; many netizens bashed Dominique's design. You can watch the video below and comment your opinion regarding this issue.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Unusual Talent of Gil Cuerva Made the Fans Screaming; 10 Facts You Don't Know About Gil!

If you are watching GMA or a solid "Kapuso" surely you already know this you leading actor Gil Cuerva known for his charming, hot and sexy body with 6 packs abs, his cute eyes and his signatured long hair. Gil Cuerva is a Filipino-Spanish actor and international model. Cuerva appears in his debut tele-drama remake of the hit South Korean romantic-comedy series, My Love from the Star, as one of the leading characters. Jennylyn Mercado will be his debut love team in the series that currently aired on GMA Network in 2017.

Before watching the video you should know these 10 facts about Gil Cuerva:

The Beach Babe
Gil Cuerva is a certified beach lover.
It appears that this young actor loves beach, who doesn't love beach anyway when you have six packs abs and charming face he just justified being a beach lover.

The Model
He is a certified fashion icon, too.
Having almost 6' height and perfect shape matching a perfect jawline this man is a total package, surely every clothes that he wears will definitely look good on him.

The Dog Lover
Gil has a dog named Duchess.
An animal lover? Every girl will surely fall in love with him, not only that he got the look but being kind to animals is an addintional "pogi points."

The Cover Boy
He is all over magazines. This cover is for Meg.
Not only he's a model that you can see in the magazine's pages but he's also a certified cover boy that you can see in the magazine's cover. Perfect!

The Graduate
He went to De La Salle University.
He's not only on "looks" but he's also a smart young actor. Good job!

The Do-Gooder
Kids have a special place in his heart.
It appears that Gil loves spending his time with needy-kids, how kind hearted Gil is. Great!

The Traveler
He's a travel junkie.
Seeing that he can travel around the world this man is born with a silver spoon in mouth.

The Coffee Lover
He loves coffee too.
He loves chilling at coffee shop, who knows you might see him at Starbucks!

The Sporty Guy
He's into water sports.
A certified beach lover, of course he definitely loves water sports.

 Borgy look-alike
And Borgy Manotoc's doppelganger.

Back to topic; during his gusting on "Tonight with Arnold Clavio"  the young actor shows his unusual talent, but before he did that talent, Arnold invites one of the audience to assists Gil on removing his shirt, while removing shirt, the audience begin screaming when they see Gil's sexy body. Gil can actually dislocate his arms. You can watch the video below, enjoy.
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sarah Lahbati & Richard Gutierrez son Zion copies Lolo Eddie's Dance Moves, Really Cute!

It's nice to see your son growing up and adored by many, Zion is a sample of somewhat perfect son, since both of his parents are celebrities and also very famous at the same time they both have head-turner looks. Since they've got the looks and having a foreign blood.

Zion's mother Sarah Alzol Lahbati is a Swiss-Filipino actress and reality show contestant who gained media attention as a finalist on the 5th season of StarStruck, a Philippine overall talent show broadcast on GMA Network. And his father Richard Kristian Gutierrez, popularly known as Richard Gutierrez, (born January 21, 1984) is a Filipino actor and model. He is one of the sons of actor Eddie Gutierrez.

We can say that Zion is very lucky to have parents like Sarah and Chard, not only because they're rich but having celebrity parents is like you have a beautiful future waiting for you. Chard and Sarah are very lucky to have a son like Zion in terms of looks and cuteness, this kid will soon-to-be an actor that's for sure.

Back to the topic, Zion seems to like dancing, look how cute and adorable he is while copying his lolo's dance move. You can watch the video below.

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