Sunday, August 20, 2017

VIRAL: How This Couple Were Brawling Inside A Public Jeepney Will Shocked You!

Netizen's were on shocked because of this facebook post of Alvin Perez Lavisores last Sunday, August 20. In his post we can see a couple who was physically hurting each other in a public jeepney, simultaneously there were also passengers inside it.

As Alvin said, the couple continued to hurt each other even though their co-passenger were asking them to stop. As he said, the incident made a scene, reason why the other passenger bacame irritated and annoyed, moreover the incident cause so much delay for them who are going to work and school. 

This facebook post gone viral and gained 59K likes, 52K comments and 126,696 shares as of this writing. Many netizen's reacted ang gave a negative feedback to the couple. 

Here are some of their facebook comments:

Watch this video below:

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Last week, Arci Munoz was on the hot seat as she terribly the talk of the town as pictures of her from a show started to spread like wildfire online. Netizens noticed a major change in her face. Some people assume that she underwent another plastic surgery operation to lift her nose. Some of her fans accept and understand the fact that it is her body and so she could do anything on it. Still, there are others who criticize her for too much altering her physical appearance.

Arci Munoz, once had a plastic surgery for her nose in the past. But, it’s not for any cosmetic purpose. In 2014, Arci had an accident from a gig she was in. After the incident, she needed a few stitches around her eyes and nose area.

Now, more and more people are questioning her again for her another alleged plastic surgery she did in a different part of her face. Her humid lips have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Most people think that the actress have done another plastic surgery to her lips to make it become more fuller than it is before.

But, in case you thought that the beautiful Arci Munoz we used to adore because of her sexy face is gone already, well think again. She is back!

After getting tons of negative reactions and unimaginable comments from the netizens because of her failed nose lift, the beautiful Arci is finally back. She was spotted with a fresher and more appealing look last Thursday, August 17 after she rocked the social media with a failed nose surgery that made her looked like another person, far from the Arci we used to know. Arci, without make-up, was having a date at Diamond Hotel with Anthony Ng, Erich Gonzales's ex-boyfriend. 

Now what do you think of her new look?

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

This Facebook Post About Kian Delos Santos Who Was Killed During The One Time Big Time (Oplan Galugad) Operation Gone Viral And Gained Negative Reaction From The Netizens!

Last Wednesday night, August 16, a teenager named Kian Loyd Delos Santos was killed during the One Time Big Time (Oplan Galugad) Operation of the Philippine National Police in Brgy. 160 in Caloocan City. 

According to the report of Caloocan Police, the Grade 11 student took a gunshot to his body, after he reportedly drag a firearm to gun down the coming police officers. The police found out two sachets of surmised shabu, a .45 caliber pistol, and four bullets on the 17-year-old Kian. But the CCTV footage showed a different plot of what truly happened durng the operation.

In the video, we can see that two men in civilian clothes were seen dragging a young man to an unseen spot, while having their lookouts standby. A few minutes later, another man followed his associate.

According to a witness, she heard the men commanding Kian to hold the gun. The teenager was confused and asked, “Anong pong gagawin ko dito?” then the men said: “Iputok mo! Tapos tumakbo ka!”

The witness also told ABS-CBN that she still saw Kian tearfully running for his life. While Kian is running the said policemen shoot him down.

The said incident became controversial because of the different scenario's between the policemen's, the witnesses and even the cctv footage in the place where it happened shows different outline. The incident generates different reaction from the netizens, some of them say's that the Grade 11 student was a victim, and others says that it is all because of our President Duterte. 

Here are some of the netizens post and reactions: 

But what mostly caught the attention of netizen's is the facebook post of Krizette Laureta Chu. She stated in her post that we couldn't use age as presumption of innocence. That we cannot use age to excuse criminality. She also said that there are too many Filipinos have died at the hands of drug pushers and addicts, and we did not fight for them. She even compare the situation of Kian to a drug addict who killed a woman and her baby

Here is what she said: 

The facebook post gained 10k likes, 6,077 shares and 742 comments as of this writing. It generates different reaction from the netizens, but somehow some of them criticized the facebook user for what she posted. However, some of them thought that the facebook post of Krizette Laureta Chu purposed is to raised awareness. 

Here are some of the netizens comment to the post of Krizette:

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MUST SEE: Sizzling Hot Photos Of Chienna Filomeno Gone Viral!

Chienna Filomeno was the recently the talk of the town as she was considered one of those women's that every man's dream. This chinita girl was the dearest kontrabida on KathNiel romantic comedy, “Got to Believe”. She also played a roles in the hit movies, "Just the Way You Are" and "Can’t Help Falling in Love". She’s also a part of the all-girl group in “It’s Showtime”, "GirlTrends".

What precisely made her as one of those rising “IT Girl”? It is because of her massive Instagram following of 1.1 million as this writing and an Instagram account which totally considered as #goals.

Here are facts and snaps from Chie herself, and some tips how to win her heart.

First things, Chie is a food-lover and not a fan of dieting. She said:

“It doesn’t show, but I love food so much! Every two hours, I need to munch on something. I don’t believe in dieting because I think you should give what your body needs. So instead, I just make sure to eat fruits and vegetables every day.”

Secondly, she is admittedly a tita! Just like us! She said:

“My ideal night out is to have dinner somewhere chill with acoustics where we can still hear each other talk. Very tita hits. Haha!”

She hates being late, but is she willing to wait?

“I’m overly time conscious! I hate being late, and my close friends know that. I just don’t like it when someone’s waiting for me.”

Although she describes her style as minimalist and easygoing, Chie still looks classy in her tattered jeans.

“I don’t like to have a lot of things going on with my outfit, so I have so many white, gray, and black tops. Even for shoes, I have a lot of whites and nudes. I love tattered pants and boyfriend jeans. My style is very laid-back, but I still want it classy.”

Before being fashionista as she is now, Chie used to be a cosplayer about 10 years ago!

She is also a dog-lover, having one Labrador and two Lhasa Apsos to keep her company.

“They’re my stress relievers and I love them so much.”
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