Friday, May 26, 2017

Rhinoplasty Got Infected Be Aware!

Rhinoplasty nowadays is very common in so many countries like Korea, Japan and China. But not all surgeons has the ability to do it properly and many cases it will end up infection and it will destroy your physical appearance.

The video and the picture along this article has gone viral because the woman in the video shows how it looks like to have an infected rhinoplasty surgery, she also shows how she got surgery to heal her infected nose, but the pictures kinda scary and freakout the netizens. Following are the netizens reactions and comments.

Honey Angelu: Some people can be so rude 😏 just because she had an infection because of her plastic surgery it doesn't mean that she deserves it because she's not contented bla, bla. Grow up, plastic surgery is very common nowadays she just got the wrong surgeon and maybe she didn't take care of it after the surgery either way it got infected but it doesn't mean that she deserves it. Many celebrities undergo plastic surgery, regular people undergo plastic surgery and even famous beauty queens undergo plastic surgery. Point is, nobody deserves that kind of pain and have people saying stupid things because of it. And sometimes people does it to make themselves feel better, to be more accepted in this society, and to just feel beautiful and worthy. Let's all stop judging!

Thalia Venz: Jacob Morris Just contented for what God given to us! If you are not happy just think there is repay for what you done with your own self but don't to strike onto God because you done by your own! Regrets is to last not on the beginning! Well blame your parents how to made it you in a first place could be in a wrong position! Or could be in a generation!

Cien Cien Lie: You have PICTURES and VIDEO untruth, with little medical experience or medical procedures, information, public knowledge and medical KNOWLEDGE TO SUPPORT this, this TOTALLY and CLEARLY HOAX, nothing to back your claims.
Millions people have had plastic surgery around the world, and no such thing happened, this just show or act or play the role to fool people.

You better think TWICE about the consequences to be entailed by your reckless MEDInsider, before post it into social media, and or before comeback to bites you.

The video has gotten viral with 2.7 thousand likes 48 thousand shares and 3.6k comments. Some says it is fake/hoax but still we should always aware of choosing right surgeon for you! You can watch the video below.

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Watch: Vhong Navarro And Billy Crawford Dance Together Must See!

It's been a long time that we don't see these to guys dance together, Vhong Navarro posted this video on his Instagram account with the caption "#nakakamisssumayaw" it's a Tagalog words means I miss dancing.

Some infos. about Vhong Navarro and Billy Crawford that can be found on the internet:
Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro (born January 4, 1977), better known as Vhong Navarro, is a Filipino comedian, actor, dancer, singer and TV host of ABS-CBN. He is part of the dance group Streetboys in the Philippines.

As part of the dance group Streetboys, Navarro was discovered by director Chito S. Roño who continues to manage him. Among the products he has endorsed were Sprite, Pop-Cola, RRJ, Lucky Me, Selecta Ice Cream, Blu Tab, NeoZep and SalonPass. (wiki)

Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford, commonly known as Billy Crawford, is a Filipino-American singer, dancer, songwriter, actor and TV host. He is currently a talent of ABS-CBN, appearing as one of the hosts of It's Showtime.

Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford was born in Manila, Philippines, to a Filipino mother from Jaro, Iloilo City named Mayette Ledesma, and an American father named Jack Crawford. He has two half-brothers.

Crawford was discovered at the early age of 3 years, singing at a bowling alley that his mother often visited. He became a series regular on an afternoon GMA Network television show called That's Entertainment under the name Billy Joe. He attended the International Christian Academy in the Philippines until his departure for the US when he was 12 and balanced both his professional acting and his studies. Crawford acted in a few films before he moved to the United States where he started a music career, performing mostly in the United Kingdom and France, as well as in Asia. His early career started in Dallas, Texas, where he lived and performed his singing and then moved to New York City. During this time, he legally changed his stage name to Billy Crawford. He first went to P.S./I.S. 217 Roosevelt Island Public School and then to Professional Performing Arts School in New York City with other famous professional children, such as Lee Thompson Young, Mandy Moore and Nina Sky. In 1995, he danced with Michael Jackson onstage when he was 13 years old as one of Jackson's back-up dancers at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards. (wiki)

Back to topic; the dance move was really nice it's just smooth and gentle seems like they're playing "Just Dance" because they're dancing while looking at the screen while Teddy and Ryan Bang were also tried to dance with them. You can watch the video below.

A post shared by Vhong Navarro (@vhongx44) on
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Look! Carla Abellana’s Three-storey House!

Everyone of us is wanting to have their dream house came to reality, but the sad truth is that, this kind of dream, only people who have lots of money can afford. Just like celebrities, these people especially the leading actors/actresses who can easily earned money with 7 digits can buy most of the things they want.

This actress that made her dream house came to reality is is one of the GMA's big star. Carla
Abellana who just got the role of Aviona of the upcoming primetime TV series of GMA the "Mulawain VS Ravena."

Carla confirms about being one of the cast the said TV series, Carla posted on her Instagram account: "I have been secretly preparing for this role in the last 2 months and boy was it difficut to keep mum about it. Preparing for the role physically 😭, emotionally and psychologically was even harder. And this is just the beginning. FINALLY i get to reveal the most awesome role ever entrusted to me.-AVIONA."

Carla Angeline Reyes Abellana is a Filipina actress and commercial model who played the lead role in the Philippine adaptation of the Mexican telenovela, Rosalinda, aired in GMA Network. (Wikipedia)

Back to the topic; look at Carla's 3-storey house that can make everyone envious. You can watch the video below and make it as your inspiration.
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Ethiopian Housemaid Kills Her Employer Madam With Her Baby!

This was uploaded by a Facebook user named Yazeed AL Bloushi according to him this was happened in  Lebanon Beirut; A housemaid killed her own employer with her baby. The post has created a lot of reactions. The following were commented by the netizens:

Truely Madly Deeply: There is some employers are so nice treatments and there is some stupid employers need to fight evryday
Well if u don't know how to respect ur maid as how she respect u. No need to bring her at all 
That's what can I say!

Luzy Carbolido Pagayon: O My Gosh, so sad, maybe she is crazy?? Even though her employer was too bad, she will not supposed to commit crimes. Run away and proceed to her nearest embassy. 😭😭RIP!

Legen Cañas Omila:  Ethiopian , or African, they are both good people, maybe that housemaid cant control her anger anymore .. so she decide to murdered her devil employer, well her decision was right,  although her punishment was death.

The video has no concrete evidence if the video and the picture along with it were related to each other. Still the video has gotten a total of 600 Facebook reactions, 13 thousand shares, 500 comments as of now. You can watch the video below.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Watch: Lucia Joaquin Movie - The Cause of Death (Warning Very Scary Don't Watch it Alone!)

Warning before you start watching the video make sure you're not alone for it'll give you goosebumps and surely it will creep out you. Anyway this story could be untrue or it just a story who made just to scare people since the word "Lucia Joaquin" has been a talk-of-the-town last week and it really became very viral.

This video really did a good job creeping people who try to watch and read every single word in the story, the sound effects is really really good for it matches the scene. If you wanna scare yourself then before you start watching try watching it alone and and have some earphone/headset it'll really help horrifying yourself.

If you find yourself horrified try sharing it on your Facebook timeline and let other watch it. Are you ready to be horrified? Now watch the video below.
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Very Sad Video of a Couple Who Died in Rio Das Ostras Blue Coast! Warning to All!

They both happy in this picture!
Video of the couple who died in Rio Das Ostras Blue Coast. They went to take photo at the end of the rock and the wave came and took them. It serves as a warning to all. Please don not risk your life just to have and to take a nice photo. You can watch the video below.

Posted by Dhi Bertolli Benevides on Saturday, 15 April 2017
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Watch: Singing Dragonball Z's Theme Song "Cha la Head Cha la" at The Voice Blind (Thailand) Audition Really Makes a Crowd!

It's unusual to sing Japanese song (anime theme song) in prestigious sing contest like 'The Voice" but this man shocks the judges when he start singing Dargon Ball Z opening song "Cha la head Cha la." See yourself for their reactions, watch the video below.
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