Monday, September 25, 2017

MUST SEE: DNA Results Of Ramram Who is Lost For 7 Years Finally Revealed!

The DNA results of Ramram, the missing kid for 7 years that resembles a Maute child warrior shows that Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar was his real mother.

Previously, the photos of the Maute child warriors are making rounds online after it was uploaded by the ISIS-inspired terrorist group who attacked Marawi City.

A citizen named Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar was claiming that his son Ramram resembles one of the Maute child warriors who was fighting with the terrorist group against the government forces in Marawi City.

Jabar explained that her son has been kidnapped from their apartment in Tondo, Manila seven years ago when he was only three years old, while she was tending customers on their store in Divisoria.

Ramram was allegedly kidnapped by a helper of Jabar on their home named Ula Arada, according to Rowhanisa who assumed that the Maute child warrior handling assault rifles was her son.

Eventually, the Rowhanisa finally meet Ramram claiming that he is her long-lost son. However, the boy seems to be emotionless and doesn’t have an idea on what is happening, while her mother was emotionally hugging him.

Recently, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo” has featured Ramram a revealing that his DNA result proves that Rowhanisa is his biological mother.

Unfortunately, “KMJS” was not yet able to upload their September 24 episode, but we will upload it as soon as possible after it was released.

Watch this video below for more details:

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VIRAL: Conceited Woman Blocks Ambulance With Dying Patient And Argues With Driver!

The ambulance is one of the most prioritized vehicles on the road as it transport patients from various locations heading to the nearest hospital or medical center for immediate medical attention.

It has flashing warning lights and sirens to indicate that a patient needs to be brought in the nearest hospital as soon as possible. This vehicle saves numerous lives, so it deserves to be given priority in the street.

Recently, the Facebook Page “FilipiNews PH” has uploaded the video of an arrogant woman who blocked an ambulance with a dying patient inside. The lady also had an exchange of heated argument with the driver.

In the video, it can be seen that the woman was confronting the driver of the ambulance regarding of what happened earlier. The woman started an argument with the driver insisting her rights regarding on the incident.

Based on the arguments, the lady blocked the way of the ambulance heading to the emergency room, so the driver told the woman to get out of the driveway because his patient is in critical condition.

The ambulance driver explained his side and eventually apologized for his reaction due to the critical condition of the patient, but the woman was still insisting that she was right.

Watch the video for the full details:

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MUST SEE: This Photo Of A Student Reviewing During September 21 Protest Gone Viral Online!

The photo of a UP student reviewing for her Biology class during the September 21 protest goes viral after it was posted in the social media.

Previously, President Rodrigo Duterte did not consider September 21, 2017, as a special holiday instead, he declares it as the “National Day of Protest” canceling work and classes in public schools in commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Martial law.

Recently, a Facebook user named Patrick Wincy Reyes has uploaded the photo of a female student caught reviewing for a biology class in the midst of the protest held in UP’s Quezon hall on his Twitter account.

The female student was identified as Dani Ting, a third-year psychology student from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. The lady was holding her placard with a reviewer behind it while standing with a crowd of students.


Reyes was a friend of Ting who is taking his master’s degree in statistics from UP. He saw his friend studying in the midst of the protest, so he decided to take a photo to prove that students can join the rally while studying.

The netizen uploaded the photo on September 21, 2017, around 10:50 am and has already garnered over 2, 329 tweets and 57, 442 likes as of this writing.

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.
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Deniece Cornejo Wrote Mysterious Post After DOJ Absolve Vhong Navarro From Rape Case!

Previously, the Department of Justice (DOJ) junked the rape charges filed by model-stylist Deniece Cornejo against Vhong Navarro after they found no probable cause to press charges against the accused.

In 2014, Cornejo filed a rape and attempted rape charges against the noontime show host after Navarro allegedly sexually harassed her. The actor denied the accusations filed against him.

Deniece Cornejo

DOJ also explained that the complainant Deniece Cornejo was lacking new evidence and find inconsistencies from the group of businessman Cedric Lee who mauled Navarro. Lee claimed that they mauled the actor for attempting to rape Cornejo.

Deniece Cornejo

On Sunday (September 24, 2017), Cornejo posted her photo while gazing out the window inside a plane. But her caption has caught the attention of the netizens, which garnered different speculations online.

The caption says: “Mom is right. It takes forever to fight but it will be worth it. Fight isn’t over. Stand still,” according to

Unfortunately, the Facebook post of the complainant is no longer available, it may have been removed by Cornejo.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

VIRAL: Luis Manzano Challenges A Basher Who Says Something Bad About His Father!

Multi-awarded Kapamilya host Luis Manzano challenges a basher who says something about his father Edu Manzano.

Indeed, being a celebrity would also mean that it seems like all the eyes and the attention of people is directed at you and you have to get used to it because it is one of the factors and what it takes to be a public figure.

And Luis Manzano, being one among the prominent in the industry is not an exception.

He admitted that he might be receiving bashes and the sorts of it but his father Edu Manzano have told him to “don’t take shit from anyone.

That was according to a news report from the Philippine Entertainment Portal (Pep).

The talented host shared that if he will just stay quiet over the bashings about him, people will get used to it.

“Pero ang sa akin is, pag tahimik ka lang, sanay yung mga tao. Pag kunwari ba may nakikita kang abuso na nangyayari sa government, tatahimik ka lang ba dahil, ‘Hindi, normal naman ‘yan nowadays’? Hindi! Di ba? Kung nanahimik naman ako, wala akong inaagrabyado, titirahin mo ako, e, di mas yayariin kita!” He said.

And what pisses him off the most is when the bashings reach the point of insulting his family.

The host even narrated that there was one basher who said that her father Edu Manzano is a gay.

“Yung sabi niya na, ‘Ah, kayo ng daddy mo, ano kayo, bakla kayong dalawa! Ganyan-ganyan. Grabe kayo! Hahaha! Bakla kayo!’ Ni-research ko, pagtingin ko, ang pina-follow niyang account, power bottom! Sabi ko, ‘Parang gago ang put*ng inang ‘to!’ Tsaka hinahamon ko yun ng suntukan! Sabi ko, ‘Tara!’”

He just clarified that they could have a fist fight and broke each other’s face just as long as no cases must be filed.

“Ganun ang boys, e, di ba? Pag natalo mo ako, by all means, respeto ko pa rin sa ‘yo ‘yan. Pag natalo kita, respeto ko sa ‘yo yun. E, wala, hindi naman nagpakita,” Luis said.
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MUST SEE: NBI Recover Drugs And Firearms From An Active Member Of PNP Bacolod!

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recovered suspected drugs and hi-caliber firearms from an active member of PNP Bacolod.

Several boxes of hi-caliber firearms, ammunition, grenades, and sachets of suspected illegal substance were recovered by NBI agents from the active personnel of Philippine National Police (PNP) in Bacolod City.

On Friday morning (September 22, 2017), the NBI has conducted a raid at the residence of the police personnel in Regeant Pearl 2 Subdivision, Brgy. Alijis, Bacolod City, according to DYHB Tatak Rmn Page

PNP Bacolod

NBI Manila issued a search warrant allowing the authorities to conduct an inspection at the house of SPO1 Joshua Barile, an active member of PNP assigned in the Regional Command Security Unit.

The authorities recovered M16, shotguns, baby armalite, .45 calibre pistols, 357 calibers, Ingram, 9mm calibers, magazines, ammunition, three grenades, and several sachets of suspected drugs.

PNP Bacolod

Barlie clarified that the firearms were turned over by the Court to him as a custodian for a court exhibit because of the vault in their office in Brgy. 39 was already full. The latter also denied that he owns the suspected drugs and grenades found in his home.

PNP Bacolod

It can be remembered that Barlie was the cop who implicate the death of Ricky Sereno’s father and its sibling. Sereno was the alleged bagman of Beria Drug Group.

PNP Bacolod

Meanwhile, the NBI authorities have also raided the residence of Pinky Joe Jerez in Carmela Valley, Talisay City for allegedly hiding firearms, but the authorities found nothing on his house.
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MUST SEE: How This ABS-CBN Reporter Caught Rehearsing Anti-Martial Law Protesters For Good Audience Impact Will Shock You!

A female ABS-CBN reporter in Bacolod was caught rehearsing a group of anti-Martial law protesters to create good audience impact before live reporting.

Previously, President Rodrigo Duterte announced that September 21 is not a special holiday instead, it will be a day of protest resulting in the suspension of work and classes in the public schools.

Several groups of protesters from different regions nationwide has gathered in their respective provinces to conduct rallies on the 45 anniversary of the Martial law.

It can be seen that the people were told by the reporter to repeat the “Never again to martial law” chant over and over again under the pouring rain. The 12-second video immediately goes viral but deleted shortly by the uploader.

Here are some of the netizens reaction:

Zander Mannan commented “kaya kailangan ang social media. dahil we cannot rely of mainstream media which obviously biased towards the opposition. please support our social media warriors.”

Bong Castro said “ HA, HA HA . . . . LIVE COVERAGE NG REHEARSAL PARA sa live coverage ng flash news nila ha ha ha!!!!!! . . . Sirs NOLI DE CASTRO & TED FAILON, please please bigyan nyo ng leksyon tong crew na to. O dapat pa ba akong manood sa inyong MMKabayan everyday? Baka kako ganito rin yong mga live coverage nyo sa umaga. Look kinu coach nung babaeng may hawak ng ABS-CBN mic kung ano ang gagawin ng mga raliyesta kuno.”

Robin Jeroxsyd said “hindi lang ABiaS-CBN ang trumatrabaho na pabagsakin ang kasalukuyang admin kundi pati Philippine Daily Inquirer… bina-block nila ang mga disqus acnts ng mga nagco-comments na PRO-DU30. dati ang ama ng mga yellows na si ninoy aquino ay nakipag-sabwatan sa NPA, ngayon nangyayari ulit yang SABWATAN na yan between yellows at reds…”

Porz Al Bhert commented “Bayaran media tlga ang BASURANG ABIAS CBN… may rehearsal pa tlga pra may BASURA SILANG BALITA”

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