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How To Figure Out the Types of Your Nightmares and their Meaning!

     Have you ever suffered from an occasional nightmare, and for some reason you keep on experiencing them almost every night? Have you wondered what those nightmares might mean? Then did you know that nightmares are random creations of our subconscious brain and these nightmares have a specific cause or a specific meaning that is behind them.

     Through those nightmares, it will allow you to look much deeper into your thoughts and feelings to check the gauge of your current emotional and mental state. In this Article, we've listed below the Top 10 most common nightmares that people normally experience when they sleep, along with the meanings or insights of those nightmares.

How To: Figure out the Top 10 Most Common Nightmares and their Meaning!

Top 10: Natural Disaster
     Have you dreamed while sleeping of finding yourself caught in a violent hurricane, or maybe your house have been getting ripped by a tornado? This kind of nightmare indicates a sense of something is about to happen, or your own anxiety about the things that is happening to you in your waking life. If the weather is unpredictable and you can't control it, it means that you are holding a lot of stress and anxiety throughout the day. These dreams are normally triggered by getting anxious or nervous about an exam or maybe a doctor's appointment that you've been dreading to go to, or maybe a speech that you need to say in front of a lot of people, and even your own relationship issues.
Top 9: Seeing Dead People
     If you happen to have this chilling type of nightmare, like seeing someone dead, it means that someone you know has recently passed away, or a random person near you have died whom you actually didn't really know. This type of nightmare is normally associated with the inability to let go of someone. Like for example, you had a nightmare that you saw your deceased grandmother, the probable cause is that you're struggling emotionally on how to cope up with her loss. A lot of people who have been experiencing this type of nightmare are those that can be linked with having a life-threatening health problem.

Top 8: Missing Out on Important Events
     Have you dreamt of missing out your own wedding, or an important affair that you need to attend to? This type of nightmare is linked about the anxiety of falling or being not able to perform up to your expectation to yourself or to other people. People who experience such nightmares are those with suppressed anxiety and has been negative about themselves for a long period of time.

Top 7: Being Naked
     Have you dreamed of yourself being naked in front of a lot of people, this might make you laugh after waking up, but let me tell you this, this type of nightmare is associated with a much bigger issue, because this is normally experienced by a person who suffer from self-image issues and low-esteem issues. This nightmare can be very unsettling. 

Top 6: Teeth Falling Out
     This type of dream is about the insecurities of the dreamer or the person whose dreaming about it. Falling teeth out of your mouth may often represent the individual whose being filled with the inner turmoil of being judged by others about his or her physical appearance.

Top 5: Having Injuries
     Being injured or wounded in a dream is often caused by the feeling of being weak in their own personal life. It is your brain's way of alerting you're being vulnerable or weak in a part of your life, and finding out those weak points of yours is where you should start on working to improve them so you can relieve yourself from this type of nightmare.

Top 4: Your Partner Leaving You
     If in your dream, your special someone like your spouse or wife have left you, you are probably one of the types of person that is the most rooted in the world. It simply represents the feeling of dread from your special person or even when you're alone or when they leave you. This type of nightmare can be caused by being insecure in your own relationship in which you feel that you are not good enough for your partner.

Top 3: Being Trapped
     If you have dreamed of being trapped, you're probably one of those people who suffer from claustrophobia. The fear of being in a small space in which you can't move and it makes you suffocate can be very tiresome for you. Though sometimes people who experience this are those individuals who are afraid of not getting out of their current situation, like your financial problems, being bankrupt and all. Its like a manifestation of your own fear and not being able to reach your full potential because of some circumstances in your life.

Top 2: Falling
Source: List Verse
     If you've dreamed about falling from a building or from a hole that is a bit dimmed or has a black-ish background it represents your anxiety about your personal life in which you can't control it. A lot of kids have experienced having this and would be quite anxious when they wake up. Though of course some adults get this type of nightmare because some of the causes for this type is issue with money, relationship, careers, and the abuse that they've been feeling from a person. They are unable to fully control or grasp the situation or what's happening in their life.
Top 1: Getting Chased or Attacked
     This type is  the most common so far in the types of nightmares that people tend to experience a lot in their dreams. Being chased or attacked by any specie, may it be a person with a killing intent, an animal that would like to kill you, or getting abducted by a paranormal creature can be really scary. This type of dream is a manifestation of being afraid of confrontations regarding an aspect in your life. The cause can be an abusive parent or a pushy boss or even an unhealthy relationship. Try to check your attacker, as it can be influenced by a person in real life. 

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